Nom Nom Nom: Libs Eat Their Own, Forego 4th Cookout

Everyone have a good Fourth of July? Hopefully Brandon didn’t drive inflation up so far that some of you fine people couldn’t have a nice 4th cookout.

Hot dogs, burgers, chips, corn on the cob; summertime staples!

I wonder what the coastal elites and crazy libs had for their 4th celebrations. Of course, we all know that is a largely rhetorical question due to the fact America is so awful, why would they want to celebrate? Just means more for me!

I sometimes wonder if celebs and lefties fire up the grill and enjoy an occasional burger and dog. I suspect they don’t as they are usually full from consuming their own. What do I mean? Check this out from Fox News:

Bette Midler and Macy Gray are facing backlash over comments they made regarding the definition of women.

Midler and Gray shared their own definitions of what a woman is over the weekend.

“WOMEN OF THE WORLD!” Midler wrote on Twitter. “We are being stripped of our rights over our bodies, our lives and even of our name! They don’t call us ‘women’ anymore; they call us ‘birthing people’ or ‘menstruators,’ and even ‘people with vaginas.’”

Gray shared her definition of a woman during an appearance on Piers Morgan’s show “Piers Morgan Uncensored.”

“I would say a human being with boobs,” she explained when asked. “You have to start there – and a vagina.”

Don’t get me wrong here, Bette Midler is one of the most grotesque leftists out there, and that’s quite an achievement, and Macy Gray, well she had a song once, so I’m not sure why she is still culturally relevant, but that’s beside the point.

The point I’m making, despite my dislike for both, is that they are correct here. Nothing Gray or Midler said should have even moved the needle for the left. They are factually accurate with everything they said.

However, the left loves nothing more than to shout down any dissenting opinion, and attempt to silence and devour unpopular opinions, even if they are correct and voiced by their own people.

(Midler) received backlash in the replies of her tweet.

“No one is trying to erase women with inclusive language about people who need abortion care. No one is calling you anything but what you prefer,” Roxane Gay wrote. “You should extend that courtesy in return.”

“Don’t fall for the anti-trans panic fake nonsense,” Dr. Panti Bliss-Cabrera replied. “No one is erasing women. In a few small healthcare cases where appropriate they are using trans inclusive language. That’s all.”

“Bette. Don’t be a TERF,” one user responded. “Don’t make us boycott ‘Hocus Pocus 2.’”

Don’t make us boycott “Hocus Pocus 2”. I may boycott the fact that it is even a thing. One more reason to skip the theater.

Come on Bette, conform! Stop being a bigot and a hater! Mostly because we don’t want you on our team.

Gray took to Twitter after the interview aired to defend her thoughts as well as support the LGBTQ community.

“there is no bigger admirer of lgbt community than [yours] truly. it takes real balls to be honest about who you are. ‘woman’ is a title that you earn and become. just like ‘man,’” she wrote in a tweet. “there are plenty of females who aren’t women yet and every girl gets that.”

She further added: “i wasn’t defining trans women. just women. because i know what it means to be one. i don’t know what it means to be a trans woman and never said i did. but that goes both ways.”

Despite Macy Gray’s lack of anything resembling punctuation or grammar in her tweets, I still respect her. See what she did there? “Balls” and “goes both ways” at least shows she has a sense of humor and isn’t willing to lay down and roll over when the loony left comes calling.

The point here is we have to wait. The right has to wait and let the lefties consume themselves. They always do, and they always will.

Slowly as more of these celebs and others become “red pilled” the cultural landscape will swing back. It’s already happening and it’s up to us to stay patient and welcome these folks back once their eyes are opened back up. Except Bette Midler. She can stay gone lest we get a “Hocus Pocus 3”.


This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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