OH NO! Biden’s New atF Director Has Been Made Official – All True Americans Brace Yourselves!

For years Biden and his democrats have been working double time to disarm America. For what reason? That’s up to your interpretation, but one thing is for sure – the second amendment says a well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

It wasn’t written for us to go hunting. It was written so that we can protect ourselves from evil criminals or tyrannical governments like the one who thinks he’s in charge right now.

On Tuesday the Senate cast a ballot that ended 48-46 to affirm Steven Dettelbach to be the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, making him the first permanent leader of this organization since the beginning of 2015.

I can hear all the non-Americans screaming in joy now.

Dettelbach, who was a U.S. lawyer in Ohio during the Obama era, will now lead the atF and is entrusted with regulating guns following the various mass shootings that have occurred. With him in the driver’s seat, Biden and other senators are confident that he’ll be able to make a difference.

Just so we can put this into perspective, Biden first chose David Chipman to lead the atF. Things didn’t end up panning out since Chipman was a complete flop only concerned with disarming America and couldn’t even define what an ‘assault weapon’ was.

That was the kind of person Biden picked. Someone who wanted only to disarm us, Chipman was chosen because he was a reflection of what Biden wants for our Country, and when Chipman didn’t get the role, and Biden chose someone else – do you think Biden would change his stance on the next person he chooses? No, I’m sure things are even worse now than what they were when he endorsed Chipman.

“Steve Dettelbach is a proven and effective leader who will helm atF, catalyzing the agency’s work and helping to implement President Biden’s gun violence prevention strategy. The importance of a Senate-confirmed director cannot be overstated,” Kris Brown said, who leads the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Brown added in a statement that the atF is vital to “enforcing the nation’s gun laws and reduce gun trafficking and the supply of firearms that are fueling our nation’s gun violence crisis.”

You might have noticed throughout this article that instead of ATF we’ve been putting atF. This was done because the atF only cares about the (F) part. It’s supposed to be made to regulate alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. However, we only ever hear about the firearms part. What’s more, is that they try to create laws when they aren’t even able to do that in the first place. They also try to change the definition of certain words so that they can push their gun-grabbing agendas more easily.

Of course, we’ve already got talks coming out saying how great this is and how Dettelbach will be able to create new gun laws because he used to be a law enforcement person. If you’re a true patriot and a true American, you can see what’s coming down the pipeline from miles away.

This story syndicated with permission from Omar, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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