Ohio Attorney General Reveals Truth About Viral Story Biden Promoted About Alleged Child Rape That Led To Cross-State Abortion

Republican Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost revealed on Monday that his office has not received any kind of notifications about a 10-year-old rape victim, which is yet another warning to pop up indicating the story, which was promoted by President Joe Biden, never actually happened.

According to TheBlaze, Biden spoke about a 10-year-old girl from Ohio who was allegedly forced to travel across state lines in order to procure an abortion after she was raped, during a press conference held last week.

This throws a lot of support behind the notion that if a progressive’s mouth is moving, he or she is telling whoppers.

“Just last week, it was reported that a 10-year-old girl was a rape victim — 10 years old — and she was forced to have to travel out of state to Indiana to seek to terminate the pregnancy and maybe save her life,” Biden went on to say during the press conference.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also claimed that the president “spoke to that young woman just to show how extreme the decision on the Dobbs decision was and just how extreme it is now for American public, the American families when there is no exception at all.”

Well now, how do you like that? Apparently, if it is true this story never happened, then either Biden was communicating with his imaginary friend, or he straight up lied to everyone in an attempt to create a false narrative to push forward the pro-abortion agenda in the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned.

The story was first reported by the Indianapolis Star on July 1 and was quickly propelled into the national spotlight. The story is based on claims made by Dr. Caitlin Bernard, an Indianapolis obstetrician-gynecologist and abortion advocate. However, fact-checkers have been unable to verify the story.

Want to know what else is rather strange about this story? Aside from there not being any fact-checkers able to verify this incident ever happened, but not a single police agency has released information that would corroborate the story. That’s very suspicious.

“This is an important detail because Ohio law requires mandatory reporters, like physicians, to report cases of child abuse to law enforcement. The rape of a 10-year-old child, resulting in a pregnancy, should have been immediately reported to law enforcement, who presumably would have opened a criminal investigation into the case,” TheBlaze reported.

Yost told Fox News host Jesse Watters that his agency has not heard even a “whisper” concerning the alleged victim or perpetrator of the crime.

“So, Dave, have you had anybody come to you in your state to say we’re looking into this? A police report was filed?” Watters asked his guest.

“Not a whisper, and we work closely with the centralized law enforcement system in Ohio. We have regular contact with prosecutors and local police and sheriffs,” Yost stated. “Not a whisper anywhere.”

The state’s crime lab has also not received any evidence of any crime which would’ve been collected for a case of child sexual assault.

“Something maybe even more telling, Jesse, is my office runs the state crime lab. Any case like this, you are going to have a rape kit, you are going to have biological evidence, and you would be looking for DNA analysis, which we do most of the DNA analysis in Ohio,” Yost went on to disclose during the interview. “There is no case request for analysis that looks anything like this.”

Yost then said that it would be a crime for a mandatory reporter to not report a cases of child rape to local law enforcement.

“The bottom line is: It is a crime if you’re a mandated reporter to fail to report,” Yost explained. “It’s also the fact that in Ohio, the rape of a 10-year-old means life in prison. I know our prosecutors and cops in this state. There’s not one of them that wouldn’t be turning over every rock in their jurisdiction if they had the slightest hint that this occurred.”

Folks, I get the feeling we’re getting the wool pulled over our eyes as the left is desperate to create any kind of narrative that would draw sympathy and support for the cause of abortion, the murder of the pre-born.

Isn’t it simply disgusting how badly these folks want to murder babies?

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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