Orlando Sends Out Deplorable Invite To Fireworks Mocking July 4th, Instantly Regrets It

The city of Orland, Florida has issued an apology after they sent out an invitation to its July 4 fireworks display that stated our country is full of “so much division, hate, and unrest.”

Because who doesn’t want to celebrate being part of a free country, the greatest in the world I might add, by insulting it?

“A lot of people probably don’t want to celebrate our nation right now, and we can’t blame them. When there is so much division, hate and unrest, why on earth would you want to have a party celebrating any of it?,” the announcement, which was sent last week, went on to say, appearing to take a stab at being humorous.

Which they obviously failed at.

“But in all seriousness, you know in your heart, Fourth of July fireworks are amazing, especially when you are standing in 90° heat, 100% humidity, next to 100,000 of your closest friends,” the statement added. “In that moment, something takes over and we all become united in an inexplicable bond. Yes, America is in strife right now, but you know what … we already bought the fireworks.”

City officials then issued an apology on Saturday, after getting lambasted for the invite.

“The city of Orlando sincerely regrets the negative impact our words have had on some in our community,” the statement said. “We understand these words offended some of our residents, which was not our intent. We value the freedoms we have in this country and are thankful to the men and women who fought and continue to fight for those.”

Of course people complained.

Their whole way of life was insulted by someone who thought they were going to be a wiseguy — or girl, could have been a women who wrote up this monstrosity — showing off their bitter cynicism in an attempt to be cool and hip. It failed.

Here’s the thing.

You mean to tell me there wasn’t a single person who looked over that whole invite and didn’t stop to think, hmm, maybe this isn’t the kind of message we should send during the celebration of our nation’s birth?

Seems suspect, don’t you think?

I bet the city government probably supports that way of thinking and thought the display of hatred for one’s country and culture was hilarious. It’s not, but that goes without saying.

America is, without a doubt, the greatest nation on earth. We’ve been blessed to have liberty that many other countries around the world can only dream of. They’d do anything to have the lifestyle we have.

But many in our society are spoiled brats who believe they are entitled to a life of ease and an absence of hard work. But that’s not how life works. They should be thankful they are able to share their negative opinions on America, as many countries are not allowed to air their grievances openly.

Many people bled and died to make that possible. It’s high time the left finally starts to acknowledge that and maybe, just maybe, show a little gratitude for living here.


This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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