Pro-Life Plans For The Post-Roe World

The end of Roe v. Wade mark last week, after it was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court’s conservative majority, was a major victory for the pro-life movement in this country — and will save the lives of millions of innocent babies —  but the fight against abortion is far from over. 

The Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade gave American pro-life groups the advantage in the inevitable upcoming political battles over abortion. Even so, they will face adversity along the way. 

You’re pinching yourself for a while. When you work for something for close to 50 years, and then it happens, it takes the psyche a little while to adjust,” said Father Frank Pavone, the national director of Priests for Life.

One of the most important grounds upon which the Supreme Court came to the decision to overturn Roe is perhaps the fact that there never was any constitutional right to abortion to begin with. This is a hard concept to get the people who think we are trying to create a world of handmaids to embrace. 


Often, women assume that because abortion is legal, it’s also a moral decision to make, Father Pavone said.

“The mother who is thinking about abortion is often thinking about it only because she knows it’s legal,” Pavone said. “We don’t find that abortion is the kind of a decision that a woman will crawl over broken glass in order to get it.

Women will choose abortion less often if the laws deem it illegal. In Father Pavone’s own experience, many women will not seek out an abortion if there’s even a slight chance that they are breaking the law. “They’re very ambivalent about their abortion,” he said.

National Right to Life committee president Carol Tobias agrees. She added that women who are pressured by their boyfriends or families to get abortions often might feel protected by the law.

Now that abortion can be illegal, people are more likely to think it is immoral said Ms. Tobias. It’s also more likely that discussions over abortion will explore its morality instead of stopping at its legality. This is not necessarily a bad thing. 

“You start getting into the discussion of, ‘every abortion ends the life of another human being,’” said Tobias.


Kristan Hawkins, who is the president of Students for Life of America hopes to change public opinion on abortion after the end of Roe Vs. Wade. She says that Most Americans are still confused about what Roe v. Wade even meant, and that Americans say they favor Roe v. Wade when polled, but the majority of Americans also support some restrictions on abortion that Roe didn’t allow. 

“Radical abortion supporters have been in charge of the abortion debate for almost 50 years, with now stale talking points used for generations. One of those is that ‘most’ people loved Roe v. Wade and loved abortion,” she said. “If you like any limits on abortion, you didn’t like Roe.”

Current polls show that seven out of ten Americans support limits on abortion, Tobias said.

It is my own personal experience, more people are pro-life than those screaming “my body my choice” would like to believe. What is the future of the pro-life groups in America? Personally, Roe Vs. Wade was a stain on this country for almost fifty years, And if you believe that life starts at conception, then you also believe that all life, even that of a fetus in the womb, possess inherent dignity and deserve protection from harm. Dr. Bernhard Nathanson realized this and spent the remainder of his life fighting for the unborn after having performed countless abortions in his lifetime. But he knew deep in his soul that something just wasn’t right about what he was doing. He would be relieved to know that Roe Vs. Wade has finally been overturned as many of us are. The face of America’s youth is shifting toward a pro-life America. It only took 49 years to get there. 

This story syndicated with permission from For the Love of News

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