Remember The Former Bisexual Congresswoman Involved In ‘Throuple’ Scandal? Look What’s Happened To Her Now

A former Democratic congresswoman from California who resigned back in 2019 after admitting that she was engaged in an inappropriate relationship with one of her female campaign staffers has now filed for bankruptcy.

According to a report from WND, Katie Hill, who helped to establish a political action committee in 2020 in order to help get progressive women voted into Congress, filed a lawsuit in that same year against the Daily Mail publication, along with two conservative journalists, for publishing a couple of nude pictures of her the year prior.

Hill has gone on to allege that her ex-husband is the one who sent the photos to the Daily Mail without her consent. Hill now owes the individuals she sued a rough total of $200,000 in attorneys’ fees after the suit was tossed out on grounds of free speech.

The former congresswoman has since filed for bankruptcy protection.

“Victims of our cyber exploitation are being let down by our legal system, and I have gotten an unfortunately personal look at the damage that can do,” Hill stated. “When a vengeful person, political opponents, and a global tabloid conspired to take me and publish naked photos of me — including those taken without my knowledge or consent — a judge ruled that my naked body was in the public interest, and that I have no right to hold accountable those responsible for this assault to my privacy and dignity.”

“The consequences to me personally meant that I had to recently file bankruptcy,” the former congresswoman continued. “Still, I don’t regret doing so, despite the severe and lasting financial repercussions of the offensive and just plain wrong ruling.”

A spokesperson for Hill was asked for a comment by the Daily Caller News Foundation concerning the situation but did not respond.

“Hill was elected to Congress in 2018. She alleged in her lawsuits that those who published her nudes violated California’s ‘revenge-porn’ law, which criminalizes sharing private photos of someone without their permission except when it is in the ‘public interest,’” The WND report stated.

How many times have we all witnessed this sort of thing happen to politicians? Anthony Weiner, former President Bill Clinton, Rep. Eric Swalwell who may have had sex with a Chinese spy. The list goes on and on.

And none of these people ever learn. The radical left, which is the political party the vast majority of these perverts belong to, seems to breed — no pun intended by that choice of words — sexual depravity.

That might be due to the fact that they don’t believe in objective truth, therefore, according to their own non-spiritual religious rules of conduct, there’s no such thing as right and wrong. Anything goes. It’s a sexual free-for-all.

But that’s not how the vast majority of our culture operates. Most of America is made up of decent people. We want our politicians to have solid morals too. It’s a lesson that politicians just can’t seem to grasp. Or maybe they don’t want to grasp it.

Maybe they really do think they are above all the rest of us and, therefore, do not suffer consequences for their actions.

They would be wrong.




This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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