Report Reveals Shocking Number Of Staffers Lost During The First Year Of The Biden Administration

The White House managed to lose more than 80 staffers in just the first year of the Biden administration, which is well above the number that left during the same amount of time former President Donald Trump was in office.

Which really speaks volumes about the kind of folks who are in the upper echelon of the administration and how much it sucks to work for them. Look, if you as a business owner are having extremely high turnover among employees, the problem is either the job, or, well, it’s you.

In this case, honestly, it might be both. Can you imagine how stressful it would be to work for Biden? You are essentially a glorified babysitter for an elderly man who requires a cheat sheet just to unbutton his pants and use a toilet. I’m pretty sure that’s not what most staffers sign up for when they try for a position like this.

According to Newsmax, “A report released by the White House this month shows that as of July 1, 474 people are currently employed by the Executive Office of the President, including 16 who do not receive a salary. The equivalent report from 2021 showed 560 employees, with 41 unpaid.”

The report revealed that the White House hired 485 staffers during the administration of former President Barack Obama’s first year in the Oval Office, which dropped down to 466 by 2010. According to a report from the Washington Examiner, Trump’s White House employed 377 individuals when he came into office in 2017, a number which fell to 372 by 2018.

“Senior White House officials told the news outlet that the turnover rate is about the same as the first two years of Obama’s during that period of his presidency, saying that of 498 staffers brought into the White House in 2021, excluding those who were hired temporarily, 146 left for a turnover rate of 29%; 127 of 455 White House staffers who had worked there in 2009 left their positions in 2010 for a turnover rate of 28%,” the Newsmax report stated.

Officials in the White House also pointed out that many of the departures that took place in 2022 were “nonpermanent” staffers, including 36 people on the commander-in-chief’s Supreme Court Commission, who had been included in last year’s report.

One senior official within the Democratic Party spoke with the Washington Examiner and stated that the total number of staffers leaving the White House is “not altogether unsurprising. Looking at all of the difficulties the president is facing, from inflation to the war in Ukraine to members of his own party refusing to advance his legislative agenda, it makes sense that some staffers might seek greener pastures.”

I can’t say I blame anyone who worked as a staffer under Biden for leaving the White House. He’s proven to be one of the most inept and corrupt individuals to ever hold the office, and considering Bill Clinton was once the leader of the country occupying that same office, that’s really saying something.

Biden’s policies have proven to be disastrous. The economy is spiraling deep down the drain, there is a crisis at the southern border, and what’s worse, nothing is being done about either problem.

These staffers value the future of their career in politics. That’s why they really jumped ship.


This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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