Reporter For CNN Leaves WH COVID Coordinator Bumbling After Being Confronted With VP Harris Violating CDC Guidance

A reporter for CNN completely fried White House COVID response coordinator, Dr. Ashish Jha, on Friday concerning Vice President Kamala Harris breaking CDC guidelines for exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

It’s utterly shocking that this major grilling came from a reporter at CNN. Is there hope for the extreme leftist network to redeem itself with objective news coverage and analysis? I believe that anything is possible, however, the real question is whether or not this is something that is probable.

Ask me that question and I can say I’m far less optimistic for any kind of actual long-term change that would lead to the network becoming a trusted voice in the media.

According to TheBlaze, after announcing that President Joe Biden had the coronavirus, the White House then disclosed that Vice President Kamala Harris was in “close contact” with the commander-in-chief.

Guidelines that have been put out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise individuals who are deemed a “close contact” to wear a well-fitting mask around other people for a time period of ten days. However, Harris did not comply with that order.

“At the White House press briefing, CNN reporter MJ Lee repeatedly questioned Dr. Jha about Harris violating CDC guidelines. Jha, however, refused to directly address Harris’ actions,” TheBlaze reported.

“Vice President Harris is a close contact of the president’s, and the CDC guidance says that if you’re a close contact, you want to wear a well-fitting mask when you’re around other people. She just spoke at a conference in D.C. and she hugged someone without a mask on. She was also maskless for most of that conversation. Would you have recommended that she keep her mask on, given that that is the CDC guidance?” Lee went on to ask.

Jha then qualified the response he gave by pointing out that he had not “been tracking the vice president’s activities,” then went on to say that Harris is following the guidelines.

“I guess she isn’t following the CDC guidance though — right? — if she is hugging someone without a mask on?” Lee said, giving some pushback. “I just wanted your clarification on that.”

After finally acknowledging that “the CDC guidance is clear,” Jha would not provide any additional response, again, making the claim that he had not witnessed the incident himself.

“She took off the mask and she embraced someone. You don’t have to see it. I mean, that’s what happened,” Lee shot back, pressing Jha further.

“Yeah, so usually when we think about people having contact, it’s for an extended period of time,” Jha responded. “Again, I didn’t see the hug. I don’t know how long the hug lasted. But it’s very hard for me to comment on something I really didn’t see.”

According to TheBlaze, a spokesperson for Harris also refused to provide any sort of explanation concerning Harris skirting the guidance issued by the CDC.

“This morning, Vice President Harris tested negative for COVID-19 and is experiencing no symptoms,” Harris press secretary Kirsten Allen stated.

At the end of the day, Harris’ behavior is just more evidence that reveals how the radical left views the average Americans who make up their constituency. It seems that if you aren’t supportive of the left, you are a peon. A lower-class citizen not fit to rub elbows the elite.

Masks for her? No way. She’s a top dog. Those kinds of mandates are for you, the little people. Don’t get it confused.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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