State Department Leaves Anti-Taliban Fighters Hanging As al Qaeda Operates Unopposed Across Afghanistan

President Joe Biden’s State Department continues the massive bungle in the nation of Afghanistan that was started with the disastrous troop withdrawal last summer by coming out and condemning Afghans for standing up and fighting back against the Taliban as the Islamist group is allowing al Qaeda to operate freely all over the country.

According to experts, this situation could actually end up being worse than the one that existed before the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11.

A report from Just the News said, “The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, a military alliance opposed to the Taliban, recently ambushed the Taliban and took control of areas in the Khost district of Baghlan province in northern Afghanistan, according to press reports.”

The State Department then put out a rebuke of the ambush carried out by resistance fighters in a statement to The Foreign Desk, saying it would not support “violent opposition toward the Taliban government.”

Quite a few observers are stunned and angry with the State Department for condemning Afghans for fighting back.

It’s kind of strange that we would essentially not back those seeking to be free from the control of terrorists, especially given our extensive history with that kind of sick and twisted wickedness. This, of course, is what happens when you have a fool running your country, which is precisely what President Joe Biden is.

The folks over at Just the News reached out to the State Department to get a clarification of what they were trying to communicate with their message and whether or not it’s the official position of the agency for the Afghans not to resist the Taliban.

“We are monitoring the recent uptick in violence closely,” a State Department spokesperson said in a response to the request made by Just the News. “We call on all sides to exercise restraint and to engage. This is the only way that Afghanistan can confront its many challenges. We want to see the emergence of stable and sustainable political dispensation via peaceful means. We are not supporting organized violent opposition to the Taliban, and we would discourage other powers from doing so as well.”

The publication also sought to clarify whether the State Department recognizes the Taliban as the official and legitimate leadership of Afghanistan due to the fact it has come out and opposed armed resistance to the organization.

“The United States’ focus is not on recognition,” the spokesperson stated. “Our focus is on working to advance American interests related to Afghanistan, including counterterrorism, economic stabilization, human rights, and safe passage. We are working with our allies and partners to press the Taliban to follow through on its public commitments made to the Afghan people, as well as the international community, before we can proceed with moving toward any kind of significant normalization.

Just the News then said, “According to a prominent expert on Afghanistan, the spokesperson’s response shows the Biden administration is recognizing the Taliban as Afghanistan’s legitimate government, even if it won’t outright say so publicly.”

“The State Department’s policy essentially normalizes Taliban control of Afghanistan,” Bill Roggio, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and editor of the Long War Journal went on to say about the situation. “This is absolutely insane. If the U.S. is unwilling to support the Afghan resistance, then it’s effectively ceding Taliban control to Afghanistan.”

Roggio then went on to explain that Afghanistan is way worse off now than it was before the terror attacks on 9/11, pointing out that the Taliban is in control over all 34 provinces as opposed to the 85 percent they were in charge of at the time the World Trade Center fell.

What’s most disturbing about the whole mess is that there are now extremist groups operating widely all over Afghanistan with impunity. This is not good for anyone. Who knows what these groups are plotting. Do not believe for a moment that the threat posed by these terrorists’ organizations no longer exists. It does.

And now they can work more in the open without concern for their safety or the legality of what they are doing.

And that is terrifying.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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