Ted Cruz Goes Toe-To-Toe Accuses State Dept. Diversity Chief Of ‘Brazen Discrimination;’ And He Has Proof

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz went toe-to-toe with State Department chief diversity and inclusion officer Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley on Tuesday concerning an email that allegedly complains about receiving job applications from “straight, white men.”

Because, you know, they are the enemy and stuff. Well, that’s what her cool, hip, super woke women’s study professor — who also identifies as a unicorn on the weekends — and has six different pronouns — she’s a collector, got to get ’em all — told her during her time in college.

For the record, I have no clue if any of the above is actually true. It’s just a little sprinkle of humor on top of the insane fact that we live in a world where much of what was written above can and often does describe the average college professor.

Anyway, according to TheBlaze, Abercrombie-Winstanley became the very first State Department chief diversity and inclusion officer just last year after being the ambassador to Malta for four years.

“During a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Cruz confronted Abercrombie-Winstanley over an email from a senior State Department official that disclosed discriminatory hiring practices,” the report said.

“The email says that hiring practices have developed inside the State Department so that ‘certain candidates could not be hired because they have a disability; they are white men; they are straight, white men; they are not of the ‘right religion,’” Cruz went on to say.

“Did you clear this guidance?” he followed up.

“I’ve never seen that before,” Abercrombie-Winstanley said.

“So you didn’t know it had been sent,” the Texas Republican then asked.

“This is the first time I’m seeing it, sir,” she replied.

Sen. Cruz took some time to explain that the controversial — and quite frankly, racist — email represents a “mandate to discriminate” against specific people, which he then charged is related to the work Abercrombie-Winstanley is supposed to be doing to make the State Department a little bit more “equitable.”

Cruz described the efforts of the office as “brazen discrimination,” which is really kind of catchy. Because it rhymes.

Check out more details from TheBlaze:

Later, Abercrombie-Winstanley claimed that she is “definite and certain” that discriminatory hiring policies are not in practice at the State Department. Cruz then appeared to seize on her admission. If such practices are not happening, then why is a diversity and inclusion office necessary?

“So you’re the chief diversity officer and you are arguing you are certain discrimination is not happening at the State Department, is that right? Is that what you’re testifying?” Cruz pressed. “It’s what you just said.”

In response, Abercrombie-Winstanley noted that discriminatory hiring practices are unlawful, explaining the State Department is not “overtly” or “on purpose” breaking the law, but admitted there are discriminatory individuals who work at the State Department.

“What would you say you do around here?” Cruz asked her, hilariously pulling a quote from one of the greatest comedy films of all time, “Office Space.”

“What is your job if not to stop discrimination? And unfortunately, I believe what your job, in practice, is encouraging this discrimination,” he exclaimed.

As the questioning began to wrap up, Abercrombie-Winstanely attempted to offer up a rebuttal to the content of the email, but committee chairman Bob Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey ended Cruz’s time.

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