The Kind Of Classes A School Board Director And Owner Of A Sex Shop Is Holding For 9-Year-Olds At Her Business Will Make You Sick

A school board director in the state of Washington — who also happens to be the owner of an “identity-inclusive sex shop” recently announced that she would be holding sex-education classes at her place of business for kids as young as 9-years-old, which will include topics like “sexual anatomy for pleasure and reproduction” and “safer sex practices for all kinds of sexual activities.”

And yet, the left continues to wonder why they get called “groomers” for supporting this kind of garbage? Kids in this age group most certainly do not need to be taught sexual anatomy for the purpose of sexual pleasure. This is preparing kids to grant adults consent to have sex with them. It’s what the left has been after for a long, long time.

It’s part of moving the Overton Window. It started with the acceptance of homosexual marriage. Then came the transgender agenda, and now they will start pushing for the acceptance of pedophilia. It’s gross all the way around.

According to a report from the Daily Wire, Jenn Mason, who formerly served as school board president, is a sex educator and the owner of WinkWink in Bellingham.

“The class for 9- to 12-year-olds is an introduction to topics related to relationships, puberty, bodies, and sexuality,” Mason stated in an email to Jason Rantz of KTTW. “We focus on what makes healthy vs. unhealthy friendships and romantic relationships, the science of how puberty works, consent and personal boundaries, defining ‘sex,’ and discussing why people may or may not choose to engage in sexual activities.”

“This course includes understanding the basics of sexual anatomy, including the names and function of body parts related to reproduction and pleasure,” she went on to say in the message. “We also cover the basics of biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.”

Back in May of 2021, the teacher of a first-grade class in the town of Bellingham decided to teach kids about the value of transgenderism by reading the book “I Am Jazz,” which is about a two-year-old biological male beginning to transition to a female.

Check out the details from The Daily Wire:

As Kara Zupkus of Young America’s Foundation detailed, Jennifer Miller, a first-grade teacher in Bellingham School District, was confronted by one angry parent, who asked in an email, “Did you read this book to 1st graders today?”

Miller defiantly responded, “Yes, I did read this book. As a district we are working hard to support all members of our school community and promote inclusion through understanding and compassion.” Zupkus reported, “Concerned parents reached out to school administrators and the school board, both of whom refused to take action.”

Mason was then the school board president.

WinkWink, according to Rantz, is an “all-ages sex shop.”

The store offers classes on topics that include “Intro to Vibrators” and I kid you not, “Butt Stuff Basics.” What kind of world are we living in where this kind of information is being requested by folks in the general public? I mean, who is asking for this?

Mason then bragged, “Many of us become adults that are still lacking in the language and information to have the type of sex life that we’d like to have. The classes are really to help broaden people’s understanding and skills,” going on to add,“I’ve always done important work, but I really wanted to do something that was important and fun. There are few things more fun than getting to talk to people about sex all day.”

Wow. Sounds like a pervert. Don’t they have therapy for people like Mason?

“I am a lifelong feminist and all of the work that I have ever done has been focused on people who have been marginalized,” Mason went on to say. “I’m always going to do my best to center marginalized people. All of us need to have our eyes wide open about the ways that conservatives want to legislate our bodies and that their actions will impact the people who are already more marginalized.”

“Mason, who has held her presidential position since 2017, was approached by concerned parents about pushing transgenderism on their first-grade children. She did not provide a response to their concerns,” Zupkus stated. “An angry parent went so far as reaching out to Bellingham Public Schools superintendent, Greg Baker, with his concerns. Baker refused to engage over email with the parent, and instead requested a phone call — but shut down the idea once the parent asked if he could record the call.”

This is sickening. Anyone who sends their kids to this should be charged with child endangerment.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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