Things Get Heated In House After Tenn. Democrat Says Something Totally Absurd About Canada

Rep. Steve Cohen, a Democrat from the state of Tennessee, declared on Thursday that Canada, the land ruled by Trudeau, has replaced the United States as the “freest country in the world” due to the fact there are now multiple states across the country preventing women from murdering their pre-born children.

Folks, this is a serious contender for dumbest thing said by a Democrat for this week. However, Cohen has some rather stiff competition from President Joe Biden who made idiotic statements on the issue of inflation, not to mention a horrendous gaffe about the Holocaust while in Israel. I think we know who is taking the crown this week.

According to TheBlaze, “During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the impact of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, Cohen took issue with a pro-life witness’ statement that America is the freest country in the world.”

“I love America. I’m an American and I love America and love this country, but they said we’re the freest country in the world … well, right now, Canada is the freest country in the world,” Cohen went on to say while on a teleconference.

“And there are a few other countries along with Canada that are more free than America, when you cut women away from having the opportunity to get their families and their bodies to be their choices,” he continued.

I didn’t realize that killing children in their mother’s womb was the cornerstone of a free society. So, all of those countries in Europe and other places around the world that have strict regulations on abortion aren’t free countries?

I don’t know what kind of drugs Cohen is on, but they really must be top notch stuff.

In its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution does not grant a federal right to abortion and that each state legislature holds the power to pass laws permitting or restricting abortion. Elected representatives will make these laws as they see fit, according to the will of their constituents as expressed at the ballot box,” the report from TheBlaze stated.

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe, several states that are led by GOP controlled legislatures, have activated “trigger laws” that ban the evil, vile practice of baby murder by restricting abortion, while states being led by Democrats have attempted to expand access to procedures designed to murder pre-born kids.

However, Cohen then went on to claim that arguments that are being made that state the Supreme Court did not outlaw abortion are nothing more than a “red herring.”

“The fact is, in the hard-core red states of the southeast, one time known as the Confederacy, there is but one or two states that would not ban abortion entirely. And those states did not offer many votes for the civil rights laws,” the Democratic congressman stated, going on to say that all arguments for states’ rights are descended from the defense of slavery in the mid-19th century.

So, kids, how do you spell Cohen? Altogether, okay?


Excellent job! Fifty gold stars!

“Slavery was wrong. Outlawing abortion is wrong. And outlawing gay marriage is wrong,” Cohen proclaimed, concluding his comments.

Rep. Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, then exclaimed, “Mr. Cohen is wrong!” after he was recognized to be the next speaker.

“Canada is not the most free country in the world, young people. America is the greatest nation in the world,” Johnson added.

Johnson continued, offering praise for the Supreme Court’s decision, but as he was doing so, Cohen couldn’t resist barging in and demanding that he yield back.

“I will not yield, Mr. Cohen, because your comments are absurd. This hearing is absurd,” Johnson stated firmly.

“Your comments are absurd!” Cohen fired back like a third grader on the playground who was just called a poopyhead by another student. The congressman was then quieted by the committee chairman’s gavel.


This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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