TikTok Video Reveals Massive Amount Of Shocking Material Being Taught To Preschoolers

A video was recently posted up on TikTok featuring an individual who identifies as a queer trans educator, attempting to justify why preschoolers need to learn about sexuality.

I have to be honest with you. The content of this video is so egregious it might make your blood pressure skyrocket, so be warned. You may need to choke down a pill or two before watching this.

According to TheBlaze, the individual in the video mentions a website called “Queer Kid Stuff.”

The message on this website’s homepage says,“Hi friend! Welcome to our corner of the internet. We’re Queer Kid Stuff! An edutainment company that brings LGBTQ+ and social justice media to kids and families! We make videos, podcasts, newsletters, and so much more!…”

“This site offers an eight-week remote learning course on social justice and LGBTQ+ topics for pre-k through third grade. The site also links to an ‘educational resource’ page with a link to ‘Woke Kindergarten,’” TheBlaze report continued.

Woke Kindergarten says that it is a “global, abolitionist early childhood ecosystem & visionary creative portal supporting children, families, educators, and organizations in their commitment to abolitionist early education and pro-black and queer and trans liberation.”

Everyone’s favorite Twitter account, Libs of TikTok, flagged this video on her account and by doing so, exposed a massive amount of content that conservatives and especially parents should probably be very, very concerned about.

And this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has been discovered being taught to preschool age children.

Just a few months ago, in May, a report from the New York Post revealed that a teacher in North Carolina was using LGBTQ-themed flashcards, one of which included an image of a pregnant man, in order to teach kids about colors, while also indoctrinating them with sexual identity propaganda designed to help them accept this kind of behavior as normal.

“The lesson involving controversial ‘Rainbow Families’ flashcards at Ballentine Elementary School in Fuquay-Varina was flagged last week by a constituent to North Carolina Rep. Erin Paré, State House Speaker Tim Moore said Friday,” the NY Post said.

“Rep. Paré then alerted the school’s principal to the non-approved curriculum and the flash cards – which previously sold for $20 for a set of 12 — were removed from the classroom, the lawmaker said,” the report revealed.

“I am grateful that a concerned constituent reached out and that this issue is being addressed in a swift and professional manner by Ballentine Elementary School,” the Wake County Republican went on to say about the flashcard incident.

Folks, there’s no planet in this universe where it is okay to indoctrinate children with sexual identity ideology at the preschool level. None. Zero. Zip.

It’s gross and weird that these folks are so determined to confuse kids about their sexuality years and years before they will even care about the topic to begin with. This is twisted, plain and simple.

The first step in getting your kids to become loyal statists is to usurp your parental authority, replacing you as the parent. They accomplish this by undermining you at every possible step in your child’s development.

Want to know what your kids are being taught and have a say in whether or not that is appropriate for your child to learn? No, says the state, you aren’t an expert in education, so you shouldn’t have a say. What we teach your child is none of your business, says the statist elites.

Meanwhile, they are attempting to destroy the family unit, the backbone of society, in order to make the child loyal only to the state, to see them as the entity that knows best and provides for them, while parents hide the truth from them.

See how this works?

It’s truly nefarious.

This is why public education, funded and overseen by the government, must be replaced with the private sector.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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