Trump Makes Big Statement About Whether Or Not He’s Made The Decision To Run In 2024

Former President Donald Trump recently conducted an interview with New York magazine where he stated that he has already made his decision about whether or not to run for president once again in 2024.

However, while the decision has been made, he did not share what the decision actually was, going on to tell the publication that the only remaining question he is currently considering is the timing of a very important announcement.

“Well, in my own mind, I’ve already made that decision, so nothing factors in anymore,” Trump said according to Newsmax. “In my own mind, I’ve already made that decision.”

“I would say my big decision will be whether I go before or after [the midterms] … do I go before or after? That will be my big decision,” the former president added.

Two advisers for Trump spoke with The Washington Post saying that the former president was thinking about a potential September announcement, with one of them going on to say that the odds were currently “70-30 he announces before the midterms.”

The report from The Post then went on to reveal that Trump had started talking with advisers about who he should pick to run a campaign. Team members have also apparently been informed they should prepare an online campaign site should he make an announcement sometime soon.

The former president also told New York’s Olivia Nuzzi that there are “certain assets” to announcing a run sooner rather than later.

“Let people know. I think a lot of people would not even run if I did that because, if you look at the polls, they don’t even register,” Trump stated during his chat with Nuzzi concerning other potential GOP candidates. “And I think that you would actually have a backlash against them if they ran. People want me to run.”

According to Nuzzi, one source allegedly told her that Trump “100 percent [was] going to announce on the Fourth of July,” until some of his supporters, including South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, stated they were “against it because he would be blamed for the midterms” if the GOP didn’t perform as well as expected.

Trump then went on to say during his phone chat with Nuzzi over the weekend that an announcement made on the Fourth of July would have been amateurish.

“I don’t think I have to compete with that,” he commented. “First of all, a lot of people aren’t around on the Fourth of July. It’s not a great time to do an announcement … I never said I was going to. That was just fake news. Somebody said that I was going to. I don’t think it was any of our people.”

Trump then went on to say he’s confident that regardless of when he makes the official announcement about his intentions, “if I decide to run, I’ll win.”

“Nothing compares to getting things done that you can’t do from any other position other than president,” he stated during the interview. “I made America great again, and I may have to do it again.”

I think it seems likely he’s going to run for office again. The rhetoric he continues to use seems to indicate that is his intention. Given the fact he has massive influence in the Republican Party and how badly President Joe Biden has done during his short time in office, it seems like a no-brainer.

It will be interesting to see how Trump is received should he give the 2024 race a shot.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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