Two Homeland Security Workers Charged With Conspiring With China

The United States of America was established by former British subjects who invested considerable thought, debate, and compromise in creating our founding documents.

As with anyone who develops a business model or any other organizational structure, there were some assumptions our “Founding Fathers” had to include in their decision-making process.

They envisioned that those who would be elected, especially the President overseeing the Executive Branch, would put their nation and its citizens’ interests in front of all others.

Unfortunately, their ideals faded considerably over the past 2 plus centuries, leaving the citizenry to deal with enemies from outside and within the nation’s borders, which are no longer adequately protected.

Even though China has expressed its intentions of destabilizing the United States, and its desire to become the world’s sole superpower, they still have a favored nation trading status with the US.

The Biden administration is expected to announce actions to lift a set of tariffs on Chinese imports this month, further increasing the massive trade deficit the United States has experienced for decades.

In addition, included in the southern invasion on the US/Mexico border, are those loyal to the newest global superpower, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) also referred to as the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC).

TX Governor Greg Abbott recently said that President Biden’s plan to End the ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy, will allow Six Million illegals a YEAR to cross the open US border.


Two American citizens with professional ties to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have been charged by U.S. prosecutors with participating in a “transnational repression scheme” that involved spying on and harassing political dissidents in the United States on behalf of the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC).

Craig Miller, a DHS deportation officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Derrick Taylor, a former DHS law enforcement agent and private investigator in Irvine, CA, were indicted by a federal grand jury, alongside three other men.

“We will defend the rights of people in the United States to engage in free speech and political expression, including views the PRC government wants to silence,” said Assistant Attorney General for National Security Matthew G. Olsen, in a statement from the Department of Justice.

“As charged, these individuals aided agents of a foreign government is seeking to suppress dissenting voices who have taken refuge here. The defendants include two sworn law enforcement officers who chose to forsake their oaths and violate the law. This indictment is the next step in holding all of these defendants responsible for their crimes.”

The other three defendants in the case are Fan “Frank” Liu, Matthew Ziburis, and Qiang “Jason” Sun. Liu and Ziburis were arrested previously in March.

One of Liu’s co-conspirators has been accused of paying Taylor to access information about several PRC dissidents living in the United States. The information includes flight records, passport information, and photographs. Taylor was assisted by two other DHS officers, including Miller.

Miller and Taylor were charged with obtaining information from a restricted government database and illicitly providing it to Taylor. Liu, Ziburis, and Sun allegedly used the information to target and harass these dissidents for the PRC.

Miller allegedly deleted text messages between himself and Taylor while being questioned by authorities, and Taylor supposedly instructed an associate to withhold evidence from the FBI. Both men have been charged with obstruction of justice, and Taylor has additionally been charged with making false statements to authorities.

Liu and Ziburis are being charged with conspiring to act as agents of the PRC. Liu, Ziburis, and Sun are being charged with conspiring to commit interstate harassment and criminal use of a means of identification.

They could face decades in prison, ranging from 20-30 years if convicted.

One has to assume that China and other nations have agents working inside the United States for various reasons.

Why not? TikTok, partly owned by the CCP, is collecting massive amounts of data on millions of U.S. citizens. Hundreds of thousands of young Chinese nationals are attending our colleges and universities.

According to the Open Doors, 2021 Report on International Educational Exchange reported that more than 317,000 Chinese students enrolled in U.S. institutions in 2020/21. The United States remains the number one source of international students from China.

In addition, China has and continues to be allowed to purchase American businesses, especially in meat processing and agricultural industries.

Big tech is employing a significant number of tech workers loyal to their Communist homeland.

With China’s expressed goal of displacing the United States as a sole Superpower, the fact that our political leaders are not taking steps to stop them is alarming.

Our nation is losing our sovereignty, and with the aggressive nature of China and Russia in stealing our intellectual property, better days ahead might only be a great political campaign slogan, not a reality for the U.S.A.

By: Eric Thompson, editor of Follow me on Twitter and MagaBook

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson, Author at Trending Politics

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