Van Jones Makes Shocking Admission About Black Americans Living Under Joe Biden

In a rather shocking admission, CNN commentator Van Jones went on to admit that life for black Americans is much “worse” under President Joe Biden, who has implemented policies that have dashed their hopes and dreams for a better, brighter future to pieces.

While he was offering comments on the current condition of the economic crises that are pummeling America like “Iron” Mike Tyson in his prime, Jones stated on the CNN program, “New Day,” that there’s a “special heartbreak” happening in the black community because “the pain is more intense.”

“The rising gas prices, food prices — it has really walloped the black community in a particular way,” Jones explained, according to a report from TheBlaze.

Jones continued, saying, “the hopes were so much higher” within the black community because they really came out to vote in both 2018 and 2020 to support the Democratic Party. In fact, that level of support is what helped the Democrats to end up taking control of the House in 2018 and the White House just two years later.

Van Jones then explained that Black Americans at that time, “expect[ed] things to get a lot better,” but “Instead, economically at least, it didn’t come true — it got worse.”

“You’re going through a summer now of real heartbreak with black voters, the polls show that,” he stated. “I think Biden’s got to take it very seriously.”

And yet, despite just saying that President Biden’s policies have actually made life worse for the black community, he still came up to bat for Biden.

He went on to say that Biden is “doing stuff” for the black community such as providing funding for black colleges, “going after police departments and fixing police departments,” along with nominating black justices to federal courts.

However, he did criticize him a bit for “not communicating” that set of accomplishments.

“I think if I were [the] Democratic Party right now, the black community is a firewall,” Jones stated.

“[Democrats] need to be spending a lot of money on black radio, a lot of money on black media to point out the fact that Joe Biden is there for the black community and is doing stuff. Right now that particular pain is not being addressed aggressively enough,” he added.

“A new CNN poll discovered that only 57% of black adults approve of Biden’s job performance, a low number for a Democratic incumbent less than two years into his first term,” TheBlaze reported.

The survey then revealed that 43 percent of black adults are unhappy with Biden and do not support his job performance thus far.

Heck, among “people of color,” the president’s numbers are even worse than that. The poll from CNN showed that only 45 percent of folks of color approve of the work Biden’s done this far, while a whopping 54 percent disapprove.

To summarize all of this information, Biden is an absolutely terrible leader and is destroying the fabric of the entire country, one small liberal stone at a time. You can almost hear the political buyer’s remorse as we speak.

It’s truly delicious to the ears.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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