VIDEO: Parolee Pleads With Climate Protesters To Stop Blocking Traffic…And Then Things Got Out Of Hand

A group of climate protesters fully decked out in yellow reflective safety vests decided the best way to raise awareness for the cause they hold so dear was to park their behinds in the middle of the road and block all lanes of traffic traveling on the inner loop of I-495 in Montgomery County, Maryland, close to Exit 30 Ford Colesville Road/U.S. Route 29 on Monday afternoon.

A total of fourteen individuals were arrested by police during the Fourth of July protest, but what’s really making news today is the interaction that happened between a parolee desperate to get to work and the morons blocking the road.

According to TheBlaze, “Video of the protest taken by the D.C.-based online media outlet News2Share shows a driver confronting the protesters and pleading with them to open up at least one lane of traffic. The man said he was on parole and could be returned to prison if he was late for his job.”

“As police arrived, the man claiming to be a parolee became increasingly agitated and got physical with the protesters who were blocking traffic,” the report continued.

Police then arrested him before they took the other 13 individuals into custody.

Man, doesn’t that just beat all?

The guy was trying to get to work as that was a requirement of his parole, knowing that if he didn’t get there on time, he could potentially go back to prison, only to be hindered by these climate idiots, get into a scuffle, and end up in jail anyway.

And you thought you had a rough day?

At least you aren’t sitting in jail, right? Well, I hope you’re not anyway. There’s something ironic about spending Independence Day behind bars, don’t you think?

So, who was behind the protest? A group called “Declare Emergency” came forward and claimed responsibility for the event in a statement that demanded President Joe Biden “immediately declare a national state of climate emergency.”

“Today there were almost two dozen Declare Emergency campaign supporters on the road, coming from as far away as Oregon, Washington and Florida to make their voices heard here in DC/MD/VA area. A total of thirteen ordinary citizens have been arrested today while acting in nonviolent civil resistance, raising the alarm on the climate crisis,” the group went on to say in the statement.

“Our action is an expression of our fear for our families, for the future of humanity and life on Earth. We are acting upon what thousands of scientists tell us, because our government is refusing to. Many other groups around the world are taking similar actions as a part of a global coalition called the A22 Network. Declare Emergency is currently centered around Washington DC and is inviting everyone from all disciplines, classes and beliefs, to join us on the road,” the statement continued.

What happens to the brains of these individuals that makes them act so insane over an issue that has not definitely been settled by the science, contrary to their claims? Something has to snap in their minds to inspire them to do things like this.

By the way, when you inconvenience someone as a means of trying to reach them for a cause, all you’re doing is creating more opposition. The left makes no sense at all.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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