WATCH: A Win for All Non-Americans! This Governor Just Signed a Bill That Will Point the Finger of Gun Violence at the Manufactures

We could all learn a thing or two from California and New York. These two states are doing all they can to stomp out the American flame. Constantly trampling over the people’s rights, and let’s not forget that they have some of the hardest, most restrictive gun laws in the U.S., but still have some of the highest gun crimes.

When I said we all, I meant all the communist people who think they are American. It seems as if nowadays we’ve got New York, California, then the rest of America due to the nonsense laws they like to push, but some other states seem to be slowly conforming to the standard these two states are creating.

In light of the Supreme Court ruling, we’ve seen bizarre laws passed like in New York where they will allow you to now get certified to carry a firearm but will make it so hard to obtain one and restrict the areas you can carry it so much, that people feel that they might as well not carry at all.

Now we see good ol’ California – great at the food scene, bad at being American – getting ready to do the same, passing a new law that will make it so that the gun manufacturers can be sued after a mass shooting causing them to be held responsible. I swear, it’s like these two states are in a race to win the Best Communist State in America contest.

The change comes after California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1594, co-authorized by state Assemblymembers, Chris Ward of San Diego Mike A. Gipson of Carson, and Phil Ting of San Fransisco.

“Today, I just signed a bill that will allow victims of gun violence to sue the makers of these deadly weapons & hold them accountable. Gun manufacturers & distributors have been shielded from the mass destruction they cause for too long,” Newsom declared in a Twitter post which showed him holding up the signed bill that will save lives – according to them.

This law will allow people, the CA Attorney General, and local governments to now make legitimate moves against firearm producers and hold them accountable for any gun crimes – despite them having nothing to do with any violent act at all. First, the government wanted to point the finger and blame We the People for gun violence, and now they are also going to be pointing the finger at the gun manufacturers. If this isn’t the most anti-American thing ever!

“For far too long, the firearms industry has enjoyed federal immunity from civil lawsuits, providing them no incentive for them to follow our laws. Hitting their bottom line may finally compel them to step up to reduce gun violence by preventing illegal sales and theft.” Ting said in an official announcement about the bill.

Well, there seems to be some-Ting wrong here. You can’t just walk into a store and buy a gun off the shelf like a piece of fruit at a grocery store. You are subject to having a background check on every purchase you make, sometimes the background check takes so long that you don’t get to walk away with the gun the same day. If the background check finds a ding on you guess what – they will deny you the purchase of any firearm. There are no illegal sales going on in firearm stores. Criminals don’t walk into stores and buy guns, they steal them from law-abiding gun owners, or buy them off the black market – which still is not from a gun store.

I can hear the pink and blue-haired people cheering for victory on this one. However, blaming the gun manufacturers won’t help combat criminals from stealing guns. All this law does is hinder We the People yet again, trampling on our rights.

California isn’t the first to pass its regulation to permit inhabitants to sue weapon manufacturers at the state level either. A federal judge back in May excused a claim brought against the province of New York by the National Shooting Sports Foundation over a comparable state regulation there.

This story syndicated with permission from Omar, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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