Watch: Classless Dem Rep Shows Her Character During Charity Baseball Game!

I can openly admit I am a bad sport. I do not lose well. At all. And while I try to keep the losing to a minimum, it still happens on occasion. I know, shocking, right?

I attempted to instill in all my children as they grew up playing youth sports, sports that I usually coached, to be humble winners and graceful losers.

Nah, I told them losers suck and winning is top priority! Hey, someone has to toughen these kids up for the real world. Who better than their parents?

Perhaps they learned what NOT to do by watching me. My behavior on the field was often, shall I say, not good? I was thrown out at basically every level of youth baseball, both as a coach and a spectator. I told you I don’t lose well!

Thankfully my kids learned from watching me, how NOT to act. Unfortunately, Congresswoman Linda Sanchez must not have taken the same cues from her parents. What am I talking about? Let’s check Outkick for the details:

Congresswoman Linda Sanchez pulled off an appalling move during the Congressional Baseball Game.

The Republicans aced the Democrats to the tune of 10-0 to win the annual event, but one moment caught a lot of people’s attention.

The Congresswoman from California hit the Republican dugout with the middle finger as she ran by.

Ah, the old middle finger salute! A popular gesture in middle schools and high schools all over America. Not a good look, however for an adult at a charity baseball game with a stadium full of kids.

Folks, this is who we are dealing with on the left. These people are so bitter, so spun up, and so unhinged that they take what is supposed to be a fun, lighthearted opportunity for both sides of the aisle to set aside the acrimony and bickering and just have a good time, and ruin it. As usual.

So much for that!

Why did Sanchez think this was an acceptable thing to do? It definitely wasn’t. In fact, it was nothing short of disgraceful.

Given how fractured the country is politically at the moment, flipping off the Republicans in the dugout is just a pathetic and childish thing to do.

A sitting Congresswoman should certainly know better.

If the roles were reversed and a Republican flipped off the Democrats, it would be the biggest story in America for weeks.

Yet, as of Friday morning, outside of a few mentions on Twitter, there’s not much coverage at all.

Like I said, I understand being a sore loser, but as an adult, I also understand the dangers in giving ANYONE the free bird salute.

Let’s be honest, in a vacuum it is just a finger, and we as Conservatives stress that only sticks and stones can break our bones. You know the rest.

The point is, while it is just a middle finger, it’s not something most levelheaded, rational adults would do to another adult. That’s the sort of thing that starts road rage incidents, triggers fights, and generally isn’t advisable to do to anyone.

Doing it to a group of colleagues, just because you are losing shows a certain type character that sadly, is mostly associated with the left.

If we can’t get along for a charity baseball game, what hope does the country have? Shame on Congresswoman Sanchez, and congrats to the GOP for the butt kicking, 10-0. Something tells me this isn’t the last butt kicking the GOP will administer in 2022.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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