Watch: Outrage! Philly Teen Thugs Attack, Kill 73-Year-Old Man; Disgusting!

Folks, the streets just aren’t safe anymore. If you live in a Republican controlled city, it’s not as bad, but if you live in a lib-controlled city, crime is rampant.

It’s a recurring theme all across our country. Democrat controlled cities are weak on crime. Weak prosecutors and liberal policies most often result in more crime. Especially violent crime. Our major cities are bordering on war zones.

This is not hyperbole folks; this is crime that is statistically trackable. Unfortunately, sometimes actual video is more effective than statistics. It’s disturbing and disgusting, but cameras show what we are up against better than stats do.

Recently, cameras in Philadelphia caught a grotesque attack, resulting in tragedy. Let’s check with Fox News for the tragic details:

A group of seven teenagers attacked and killed a 73-year-old man in Philadelphia last month with a traffic cone according to video footage released by the Philadelphia Police Department Friday.

Disturbing footage of the incident, which occurred on June 14, shows a group of apparent teenagers pursuing the victim identified as James Lambert down the 2100 block of Cecil B. Moore Avenue in the city’s northwest corridor. 

I have to ask, where is the outrage? Where is the media? Where is Black Lives Matters? This type of disgusting black on black violence is far too common in our larger, liberal run cities.

This disgusting attack happened over a month ago. This type of thing should be front page news. Violence in our inner cities happens with far too little attention, and even less outrage. This simply must stop.

The teens then followed the 73-year-old across the street before one of the male assailants attacked him from behind by striking him with a traffic cone. 

The blow knocked Lambert to the ground at which point one of the group’s females picked up the cone and hit him with it again with it. 

The incident was filmed by other members of the group who also appeared to be smiling and laughing throughout the attack. Though one of the females appeared taken aback by the incident and held her hands over her mouth in a gesture suggesting shock.

Why? Why does this happen? What is the impetus for these kids beating a senior citizen with a traffic cone?

Have we gone off the rails so far as a society that our youth find nothing horrific about this? The fact that this attack was filmed and some of the teens were laughing is just sad and horrifying.

The footage showed Lambert appearing to get up to flee the area before he was struck again with the cone by the same female assailant. 

The teenagers then left the scene as one of the males pedaled away on a scooter smiling with another male companion.

None of the assailants have reportedly been arrested yet and all seven of the individuals present during the incident are wanted by the police.

The police have offered up a $20,000 reward for information on the individuals who have been described as “four Black males and three Black females who appear to be in their early to mid-teens.”

Let’s be clear here; a message MUST be sent. When these teens are caught, they must be tried and prosecuted as adults. All of them. This simply cannot go unpunished. A clear message must be sent; if you commit violent crime, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Sadly, this is a liberal run city, so my feeling is this will be forgotten and never prosecuted as it should be. This is simply not acceptable.

The lesson here friends? Keep your heads on a swivel. Violent crime is on the increase, and we must watch our own backs, especially if you live in a larger, Democrat controlled city. This will change eventually, once conservatives retake control, but until then, stay safe!

This story syndicated with permission from For the Love of News

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