What Rep. Jim Jordan Said Is ‘On The Table’ For AG Garland Should Make Him VERY Nervous

According to Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, the possibility of impeachment is an option that is still on the table for Attorney General Merrick Garland, due to the fact he has refused to take action against protesters who have been holding demonstrations illegally outside the homes of Supreme Court justices.

“I think everything’s on the table,” Jordan, R-Ohio, stated during an interview Thursday on Rob Schmitt Tonight, according to a report from Newsmax.

However, before that can happen, the Republican Party will need to focus its efforts on winning back control of Congress during the midterms.

“The main thing is, we got to take our message to the American people, not get overconfident in campaigning,” he stated during the interview.

But should Republicans accomplish that goal, and the voters give “us the majority in the House, I think everything should be on the table when it comes to the attorney general.”

The Ohio congressman then noted the section of the U.S. Code that prohibits picketing and protesting outside of the home of a justice or jurist as a means of attempting to persuade their opinion in a case.

“And he refuses to prosecute any of these protesters, confirming something that I think is very scary,” Jordan explained. “We now have one of the key agencies in the executive branch joining in the effort to intimidate a separate and equal branch of government, the judicial branch. That is scary when that kind of stuff goes on.”

He then went on to say, “that’s certainly what it looks like, so that this is one of the reasons I think so many people have concerns.”

We all know the reason that Garland hasn’t actually done his job and prosecuted these individuals. He’s a puppet of the Democratic Party and the progressives who control it, such as billionaires like George Soros.

The powers-that-be have given Garland his marching orders. His only job is to fulfill those orders, stay the course, and push the agenda forward. In this case, he is to forego fulfilling his responsibilities to enforce the law and basically ignore the pro-abortion demonstrators who clearly violated federal law by protesting outside of the homes of Supreme Court justices in an attempt to intimidate them into deciding a case according to their will.

On a side note, that is what a democracy looks like. Mob rule. We are not a democracy but a democratic republic. Huge difference. The very reason we have an Electoral College system is to prevent radicals like this from forcing their will on all of society, choosing instead to allow every American to have a voice in picking its leaders.

Garland is clearly placing the progressive agenda above his sworn duty; therefore, he deserves to be impeached and removed from office. But why stop there? We should give Joe Biden a cognitive test and see if he is fit for duty.

And then promptly remove him via the 25th Amendment.

We need to clean house, in more ways than one, and ensure that we put people in office this November who will do their job to preserve our liberty.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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