What’s Happening With Voters In North Carolina Should Have Democrats Extremely Worried About Future Elections

It seems the state of North Carolina is copying a nationwide trend, as voters are switching from the Democratic Party over to the Republican Party in droves, with almost 5,000 former Democrats now crossing over the political spectrum since the beginning of the year.

Just the News is reporting that data from the North Carolina State Board of Elections has been analyzed by The Carolina Journal, revealing that the GOP is the only party within the state that has seen a net increase in voters this year.

Numbers reveal that around 9,830 voters bolted from the Republican Party, while a staggering 11,341 joined it, including 4,999 former Democrats. Oh, come on. That is just aggravating. You mean to tell me there wasn’t at least one more leftist who could switch over to make it an even 5,000?

“On the other side, Democrats lost nearly 20,000 voters since January 2022, compared to 6,253 North Carolinians who joined the party,” the report stated.

“Jim Stirling, research fellow at the John Locke Foundation’s Civitas Center for Public Integrity, told the Journal the changes pale in comparison to 2020, but said he expects more to come as the general election approaches,” Just the News reported.

“This year seems to have a slight uptick in registration changes when comparing it to the election years of the last decade,” Stirling went on to say concerning the data. “2020 had a massive number of registration changes, totaling 237,611 changes. This includes the now removed Green and Constitutional parties only having received 2,477 registrant changes. While we may not reach 2020 registration changes, we will likely see a large uptick in registrations as we get closer to November.”

A total of 41,795 voters in North Carolina have changed their party affiliation since the beginning of the year, with more than half, or 23,374, opting to be unaffiliated with any political party. Out of those, 14,447 came out of the Democratic Party, while 8,348 came from the GOP.

What’s really kind of weird though, is that while almost 5,000 Democrats switched to the GOP, 1,211 Republicans went Democrat. The reason I said this was weird is because I can’t figure out why anyone who is a Republican would ever want to join up with the Democrats.

“Andy Jackson, director of the Civitas Center, told the news site some speculate the changes were part of a plot to influence the primary election in May,” the report said.

“Short-term party switching is often talked about but is pretty rare in practice,” Jackson commented. “It was popularized by Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Operation Chaos’ in 2008, when he encouraged Republicans to change registration to vote in Democratic presidential primaries. More recently, there was an effort by progressives to change party registration to vote in the Republican 11th Congressional District primary against Madison Cawthorn.”

The Journal then revealed that close to 2,000 Democrats switched in order to vote against Cawthorn, who lost his primary election for the U.S. House to Sen. Chuck Edwards by a total of 28,112 to 29,496 votes.

“The Associated Press reported last week that more than 1 million voters across 43 states have switched to the Republican Party over the last year, a phenomenon that’s occurring in both Democratic and Republican states, in large cities and small towns,” Just the News said.

The report concluded by saying, “Those figures compare to about 630,000 Republicans who became Democrats during the same time frame. The momentum represents a shift from when President Donald Trump was in office, a time when more party switchers became Democrats than Republicans.”

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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