While Big Corporations Promise To Pay For Employee Abortions, A Texas-Based Insurance Company Is Doing The Exact Opposite

Not long after the Dobbs decision was announced last week by the Supreme Court, effectively overturning Roe v. Wade, many high-profile corporations made announcements that they would be helping to provide funds for employees and their dependents to seek out abortions in other states.

But a small insurance company based in Southlake, Texas has decided to travel along a different path. The company is offering to fund all kinds of different pro-life services, which include births, adoptions, and maternity and paternity leave for all of its workers.

Folks, this is what it looks like to be a pro-life society. We look out for each other, especially those who are pregnant and carrying a precious new life inside of them.

Liberals always claim that pro-life folks only care about babies when they are in the womb, but not after they are born. That’s a lie. And this is further evidence exposing that lie.

According to TheBlaze, “On its Facebook page, Buffer Insurance promises to ‘pay the medical costs for our employees who birth babies+ Provide paid time off for employees to have maternity & paternity leave+ Buffer will pay for the medical costs associated with adopting a baby.’”

Buffer is also offering resources that will allow other businesses to make similar provisions for their employees.

“Employers: If you’d like to learn how you can provide these benefits to your employees, let us know. We have ready-to-use policies you can add to your employee handbooks,” it said.

A lot of folks are happy and excited about the post and the company’s pro-life and pro-family policies.

One user who commented on the post after learning about the pro-life stance of the company said, “I had to find out what kind of insurance you offer… will be following up to see about switching to you if possible. Thank you for making decisions for LIFE…in a culture of death it’s beautiful to see.”

Unfortunately, many big-name corporations have seized the post-Roe moment to advocate for this ‘culture of death,’ including ‘Apple, Uber, Amazon, Citigroup, CVS Health, JP Morgan, Meta (Facebook), Tesla, Paramount, Patagonia, Microsoft, Paypal, Starbucks, and Disney,’ per the Daily Wire,TheBlaze reported.

While some of those companies obscure their pro-abortion policies by simply purporting to continue to offer the same medical care as they ever have, others are more overt. Patagonia, for instance, announced that ‘[w]here restrictions exist, travel, lodging and food are covered.’It even offered to cover ‘training and bail for those who peacefully protest for reproductive justice,’” the report continued.

Tesla, which moved its headquarters to Texas, has made a similar offer to its workers concerning the funding for travel and lodging for “healthcare services that are unavailable in their home state.”

This is simply a brilliant idea. It’s obvious that Buffer cares far more about the cause of protecting life than it does its bottom line, which means the people running the company have values and principles that they are willing to uphold, no matter what might result from doing so.

If you want to see what it really looks like to be bold, try doing what this company is doing.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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