WHO Says Gender is a ‘Spectrum’ Which Goes ‘Beyond’ Male and Female

The World Health Organization has come under fire after it made the controversial announcement that it would be updating its gender guidance outline to include ‘non-binary’.

The organization which was instrumental in giving countries advice and dictating rules during the Covid 19 pandemic already has a “gender mainstreaming manual” released in 2011 which says there are many other genders other than male and female, arguing that gender is a construct which involves an intricate spectrum.

Now the WHO, which supposedly has its roots in science and medicine, with its website claiming its core mission is to achieve “measurable impacts on people’s health at the country level,” has said its current woke gender guidelines are not extreme enough.

It is not yet known how the global organization will change its 2011 guidelines, but it released a public statement this week to say its update version will include “beyond non-binary approaches to gender and health to recognize gender and sexual diversity or the concepts that gender identity exists on a continuum and that sex is not limited to male or female” and will focus on “highlighting and expanding on the concept of intersectionality, which looks at how gender power dynamics interact with other hierarchies of privilege or disadvantage, resulting in inequality and differential health outcomes for different people.”

Medical and health experts have warned that the move could over complicate science and denies basic biological facts, tainting facts with flowery constructs and baseless feelings.

“It is a dismissal of basic biology — and mistake,” Professor Jenny Gamble from Coventry University told MailOnline.

“Not being clear about basic biology opens the door to a range of problems, including very poor health communication but also distorted data.”

Dr Karleen Gribble, a nursing expert from Sydney University said a global body with international influence on the way countries deal with medical and health issues should not be supporting an unscientific and dangerous agenda which defies basic biological facts:

The website says that the handbook is being updated “in light of new scientific evidence and conceptual progress on gender, health and development,” she told MailOnline.

“However, there is no new scientific evidence suggesting there are more than two sexes. 

“Rather, the idea that there are more than two sexes, is a postmodern, unscientific understanding that should not be supported by the WHO.

“The wording regarding there being more than male and female sexes is concerning,” she added.

Gribble went on to say that she felt disappointed the WHO had decided to focus on gender identity rather than the health of women and girls around the world, particularly in countries where women are still treated as the inferior gender:

If this occurs, this will almost certainly dilute focus on the severe health disadvantage that women and girls face in many countries because they are female which can only be a bad thing.

“Many of us who work internationally in maternal and child health are very concerned about the push to desex language spilling over into UN organizations like WHO and United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund.”

Western countries around the world donated millions to the WHO during the Covid pandemic, with the USA contributing an eyewatering $280 million in December 2021.The US ripped up its WHO membership under Donald Trump’s leadership but re-joined under Biden.

This story syndicated with permission from Jo Marney, Author at Trending Politics

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