A Stunning Discovery Was Made While Renovating a House Over 100 Years Old

A couple renovating their house that was built in 1914 found something mysterious in one of the rooms and posted about it online. People online started comparing it to the beginning of a scary movie or something out of a Goosebumps book.

As soon as they purchased the house, they quickly began working on the house. The goal was to restore it to its former beauty which was supposedly a popular style back in the mid-1890s to the late 1930s called American Foursquare.

“We bought the home in probate and I was able to make contact with the family to see if there was anything they wanted, the house came with everything in it and they were hoarders,” the wife explained on the social media giant Reddit.

As per the wife, the previous owners of the abandoned creepy-looking house left behind a huge mess for them to clean up, upwards of 3,000 square feet of stuff. Including the mysterious discovery, they would before long make in one of the rooms.

Concealed among the heaps of old possessions, the couple was stunned to find a container loaded up with Victorian-time treasures – they are so lucky, I don’t know about you guys, but I’d love to buy a house and find time-forgotten things in it or secret rooms, etc.

Inside the crate were lots of old photographs, all the way back to the last part of the 1800s and mid-1900s. Yet, when the pair investigated a portion of the photographs, they started to consider something rather chilling.

“I totally think that some of the folks in these pictures are already dead,” the wife wrote on Reddit. “It’s a fun game we like to play sometimes when we look at them. Who can find a dead person first!” – that’s not creepy at all…

With an end goal to eternalize their friends and family, families in Victorian times oftentimes took photos like this of the dead, in such a manner concerning them seem living. These types of photos back then were dubbed “mourning tableaux,” these photographs showed the dead organized in realistic ways, situated with friends and family or cherished things, and once in a while even with color added to their cheeks or lips to make the pictures pop and seem living.  The wife thinks that a portion of these photographs that were taken post-mortem probably won’t be outlandish or farfetched. However, whether living or dead, one secret remains: Just who are these people and why are there dozens upon dozens of pictures of them?

“Not sure who they are. We met the grandson of the man who built this home. I’m going to bring these photos along with the rest of them down to their house to see if they recognize anyone,” the wife wrote in another Reddit post.

Of course, many of the people viewing the pictures and her story were fascinated by the old pictures that were in such good condition. Sure they were a bit dusty, but they weren’t torn or tattered. Some individuals have commented saying that their house might be haunted by all the pictures of the dead people they’ve found, others were thankful for the sharing of the story.

One user wrote, “This is such an incredible find” while another said, “As someone who collects antique photographs, I’m a little jealous lol, such wonderful little pieces of history.”

The wife added in a comment that she still doesn’t know who the people are, but the couple decided to hang the pictures on a staircase in their house until they can find out more about them.

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