Charlie Crist Wins Right To Finish Second in Florida!

Charlie Crist seems like a really nice guy. He really does.

Sadly, for him nice guys finish last, or as is soon to be his case, second.

Charlie Crist soundly defeated his democratic opponent, Nikki Fried in what was expected to be a huge victory for the US Representative but bouncing Heavy D in November will be a much tougher task.

Ron DeSantis is perhaps the most powerful, popular governor in the United States, and despite endorsements from the likes of Grandma Vodka Pelosi, Crist is still expected to get whacked come election day.

At this point, if I were a Dem trying to win election, I’d be saying no thanks to any endorsement from Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. I digress.

Let’s check out Breitbart for the details, shall we:

U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist soundly defeated Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Nikki Fried during the Florida Democratic gubernatorial primary and will now move on to face incumbent Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis during the general election later this year.

A University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab poll from earlier this month found that among registered voters who indicated that they will vote during the midterm election, 50% indicated that they would vote for DeSantis while 42% indicated that they would back Crist if the two politicians were competing in the general election.

I’m no mathematician, but fifty percent of the vote is a lot of voter pie. If Crist gets forty two percent, unless he can convince the other eight percent to leave the beach that day, Charlie is screwed.

Of course, this has to be expected. DeSantis is an extremely popular, extremely effective governor that wields considerable clout in Florida and Washington. Plus, he is a smart, likeable fellow. He’s basically Trump without the bombast and rhetoric. Oh, and the mean tweets, who can forget the mean tweets. Ah, the good old days.

Earlier this year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) threw her support behind Crist’s candidacy. “I’m honored to receive the full support and endorsement of my colleague and friend, @SpeakerPelosi, as we work to build a Florida that truly works for all Floridians!” Crist tweeted.

Crist has called DeSantis “an autocrat” and “a demagogue,” according to the Associated Press.

I would think at this point the only thing anyone should accept from grandma Vodka is stock tips. Definitely pass on the ride home from her hubby. That’s mean, but accurate!

I think Crist meant to call DeSantis an “Autobot” rather than an “autocrat”. Especially since Autobots are the good guys. I guess that would make Crist and the democrats Decepticons.

It would appear to me that Florida is working for the vast majority of Floridians, considering the booming economy and the mass migration to the state from blue states all across the country.

Crist previously served as the governor of the Sunshine State from early 2007 through early 2011 after being elected to the role as a Republican.

This pretty much sums up the issue here. It’s hard enough to trust republicans, especially RINO’S, and you certainly can’t trust democrats, so trusting a dem that used to be a republican is out of the question. The people of the sunshine state know this, and Charlie Crist will find out in November.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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