Does This Move Mean There Will Be a Walking Dead Cross-Over With The Boys in Season 4?

Imagine that some of your favorite superheroes on The Boys are doing a normal day’s work and suddenly there is word of a supervillain who’s going around clocking people with a baseball bat named Lucille. The team rushes over to his location which naturally is surrounded by flesh-eating zombies, the sky darkens, and as they get closer to him, they hear an ominous whistle…

A far cry from what would ever happen probably, but something insane that is going on is that after a few trades on Instagram prodding that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was surrounding his old Supernatural group, it’s, at last, going to happen after all. Morgan is set to rejoin with his Winchester kid Jensen Ackles on Supernatural maker Eric Kripke’s ongoing TV phenom The Boys in “an undisclosed role.”

We don’t have the foggiest idea who he’ll play, or for the number of episodes – as per other news outlets, “Amazon confirmed the actor will be appearing as a recurring guest star” — yet this gathering feels like it’s been bound to happen. For some time there, the thought seemed like simply a pleasant online entertainment bother that throughout the long term wasn’t occurring as a direct result of Morgan’s other responsibility, the little zombie show that could be The Walk Dead. A self-declared The Boys fan since season one, he’s occasionally returned around to remind Kripke he needed to take part in the Prime Video hit.


Already there’d been a proposal for season three that the entertainer couldn’t focus on, so it’s great to witness that it’s, at last, going to while The Boys continues to run on that dull superhuman train, something not new for Morgan (he played the Comedian in Zack Snyder’s Watchmen). It very well may be excessively spot on for him to turn heel once more, however, so we’re expecting a seriously astounding decision.

Morgan has been around for a very long time in many types of media. However, with his role in The Walking Dead being so successful he quickly shot up as a great actor and became even more well-known than he previously was. Fans of The Walking Dead who didn’t know him went back to some of his older media and discovered some of his other successful parts such as The Resident from 2011, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, and most recently Fall which was released on August 12, 2022.

However, his success doesn’t end there, he’s also been on a plethora of television shows where he’s played critical roles or just appeared on an episode or two as a special guest.  A debut date hasn’t yet been set for season 4, yet looking at the pattern of the show’s release times could provide some hints.

Season 1 shot May-October 2018, and the show made its presentation on Amazon Prime Video in July the next year. Season 2 started recording in July 2019 and finished by November. The show got back to streaming in September 2020.

However, in pandemic times, that period turned out to be longer. Season 3 began recording in February 2021, and because the pandemic constrained the group to add a lot of health protocols, creation stayed active through September. The season then, at that point, debuted on June 3, 2022. If season 4 follows a comparable course, we can anticipate that recording should conclude by March 2023, plus or minus half a month. It’s thought that the release could see late 2023 for a season 4 debut, expecting everything goes according to plan.

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