Feds On The Verge of Charging Hunter Biden For Crimes Found On Laptop

Hunter Biden might finally be held accountable for his actions.

According to recent reports, federal prosecutors are considering filing multiple criminal charges against Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. The alleged offenses range from various aspects of Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings to reportedly lying on a background check in order to obtain a firearm.

According to Fox, the office of Delaware’s United States Attorney David Weiss was reportedly considering filing criminal charges against Hunter Biden for “multiple tax” offenses as well as “potential foreign lobbying” offenses.

CNN would report it appears that investigators are placing emphasis on probable tax violations and “gun-related” offenses.

The possible gun charges are related to Hunter Biden’s purchase of a handgun at a time he would have been forbidden from doing so because of his documented difficulties with drug addiction.

A federal grand jury started investigating the president’s son last month, officials who are aware of the inquiry stated that the criminal probe into Hunter Biden had reached a “critical point.” According to the source, the criminal investigation, which has been taking place for the past four years, is still active.

The Department of Justice was contemplating whether it could file charges right now despite the department’s policy of not bringing politically sensitive cases within two months of an election. The story did note, however, that because Joe Biden is not running for president, the “unwritten rule” might not even be relevant at this point.

Some officials are concerned that the fact that Hunter Biden is a former crack cocaine addict could weaken any charges that they bring against him when the defense could assert that he was not aware of his potential crimes because he was on drugs.

Information that was contained in a separate report that stemmed from a 4chan leak from earlier this month suggested that the president’s son could also face federal charges related to prostitution was not included in the most recent news regarding the potential criminal charges that Hunter Biden could be facing in the near future. These allegations were made in a separate report.

This new information reportedly came from his laptop, and in the past few days, graphic images of Hunter Biden have been circulating on social media. One of these images is a video of him weighing a large quantity of what many people online have alleged to be crack cocaine.

As of right now Hunter Biden has been untouchable and has not faced the music for any of his actions. Most Americans that have conducted the same actions as Hunter Biden would never be allowed to step foot into the White House but due to the fact that his dad is the President, it appears he is above the law for now.

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