Greg Gutfeld Guts Late Night Lefties on Way to the Top

Late night network television is falling further into obscurity. We no longer have icons like Johhny Carson, David Letterman, even Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien. Now we have snarky Brits like Trevor Noah and washed-up comedians like Seth Myers and Jimmy Kimmel. Even Jimmy Fallon is so innocuous he just isn’t interesting. I guess trying to be the nice guy just doesn’t pay off.

The biggest problem is the content. I have liked all of these comedians with the exception of Noah, who I had no idea existed before the Daily Show. I have even liked Stephen Colbert. I feel dirty just typing that. The content is bad, the joke writing is stale and predictable, and the schtick is over.

Actually, it is literally over for late night lefty television. There is a new King in town, and America has made it clear they prefer something else. Greg Gutfeld of Fox has done what Network executives have always feared; he has lured viewers away from network programming. Check this out from Breitbart:

With August set to close, Gutfeld will make history by becoming the first cable program that is the “most-watched” late-night show, beating out broadcast competitors at CBS, NBC, and ABC.

According to Fox News, Gutfeld’s Gutfeld! averaged “2.19 million viewers to defeat CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which averaged 2.15 viewers,” marking the first month since January 2017 that the left-wing comedian did not finish at Number 1 in late-night television between broadcast and cable. In the month of August, Gutfeld! also outpaced ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, NBC’s Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, and Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that America is looking for something else. The snarky, holier than thou political views of leftists like Colbert and Kimmel have worn thin with a country that just wants to be entertained rather than indoctrinated. It gives me extra pleasure that Colbert has been bumped from his undeserved perch. This is a guy that has taken every opportunity to belittle and excoriate anyone that thinks differently from him and his far-left pals. After a while it stops being good natured ribbing and just becomes mean, and the ratings reflect that. Colbert is a guy that in 2015 slobbered all over Donald Trump on his late-night show then spent the entire Trump presidency calling the President names not suitable for late night television. He is a hypocrite saying and doing whatever for ratings. Ratings he is now losing.

Even CNN’s most-watched show Anderson Cooper 360 fell behind King Gutfeld, pulling in a meager average of 950,000 nightly views.

On the demographics front, Gutfeld! also pulled in an average of 358,000 in the much-coveted 25-54 age bracket, outpacing Tucker Carlson Tonight, Hannity, and The Five.

These numbers are perhaps the most important in terms of societal impact. If conservatives want their message out and for it to resonate, the demographic of 25-54 is key. Those are the folks voting, talking to their friends, raising kids and spending most of the money. We need them on our side if we are to flip this country back in the right direction sooner rather than later.

We are stacking wins folks. The numbers reflect it. The conservative message is strong, and the country wants to hear it. Greg Gutfeld is proof that the lefts message is wearing thin.


This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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