Insane: Cops Crack Down on Young Girl’s Lemonade Stand

Remember back in 2020-21 when even many of the most “back the blue” types (and I admit to generally being one) started losing faith in the police because the police were enforcing Covid mandates, doing nothing to stop the looters from burning down America’s cities, and, in many cases, kneeling before blacks and otherwise trying to make peace with their obvious enemies?

Well, as if the FBI’s recent raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home wasn’t enough to further demolish the faith many conservatives used to have in law enforcement, now there’s another update sure to do so, this one coming from Ohio: cops were sent to shut down an 8-year-old girl’s lemonade stand and actually did so, stealing that bit of joy kids get from making a few dollars selling lemonade on a street corner.

The young girl’s name is Asa and she, possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, had decided to set up her stand and start selling lemonade for a dollar a cup, raking in the cash as customers stopped for a refreshing glass of lemonade.

Speaking about the stand to Fox 8, Asa said “It’s fun and you get lots of people. Especially on a country road, I get a lot of people.

Well, thanks to some spiritual Karen calling the cops and those jackboots actually doing what the Karen wanted, Asa’s latest attempt at selling lemonade wasn’t so fun. Here’s what Fox 8 reports happened:

During the city of Alliance’s Rib and Food Festival this past weekend, Asa asked her father if she could set up her stand outside of the downtown business where he works, in an alley about half a block from the festival.

With the permission of the business owner, Asa set up her stand.

Later, she says she saw a police officer coming toward her thinking he was going to buy some lemonade. Instead, he asked her to shut it down.

In fairness to the cop, he offered her money to help her pay for the permit required to set up a lemonade stand…but still shut down the girl’s stand after she had received permission from the business owner to set it up. Ridiculous.

Further, what permit it is that a kid has to get to sell cups of lemonade isn’t even clear, as Fox 8 quoted a downtown business owner who took Asa’s side in the matter as saying. As it reports:

“In order to get a food vendors license, it only lasts for five days and its $40 for five days so that’s kind of out of the picture. If she wants to sell on the street, she has to get a street permit. If she sells in front of a business, we have to get a solicitors permit,” said Moore.

“He ( the officer) had to do his job, but it just felt so unjust to me because she’s 8, she’s just an innocent little girl that wants to be motivated and wants to do something with herself. Why shut that down?” said Strata.

The town rallied to Asa, however, buying lemonade from her stand and leaving her tips to purchase whatever permit it is that the Karen that called in the tip demanded she have. So at least some people are still reasonable.

Watch the news report on the matter here:

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