Liberal Rag Mother Jones Publishes Hit Piece On Moms For Liberty, Makes Absurd Comparison

How many of you have ever read a single article from the American radical left-wing rag known as Mother Jones? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

*Cricket noise*

Most average Americans probably haven’t either. Since its appeal is mostly to the radical liberal crowd, which is a much smaller segment of the population than the progressive folk in the media want you to believe, not having read an article the magazine has published is not surprising.

But yet, for whatever reason, Mother Jones was under the impression they had a big enough audience to care about a piece they published on August 22 called, “The Most Powerful Moms in America Are the New Face of the Republican Party.”

According to TheBlaze, Mother Jones senior editor Kiera Butler, went on to compare the tactics and the concern shown for kids by the parental rights group known as Mom’s For Liberty to those that they allege were used by segregationists during the Civil Rights Movement in America and those also employed by conspiratorial anti-Semites in premodern Europe.

In other words, if you are a parent who is concerned that your kid might be taught that one race is superior to the other and that white folk are responsible for all the social ills in the country and probably all of human history, believing this not only is a pack of lies but will divide children along racial lines, you’re a nasty, filthy bigot. Shame on you for wanting your kids to judge folks on the content of their character and not on their skin color!

Butler rips into the group’s alleged selective support for parental rights, seemingly suggesting that the organization is not worried about “a parent’s right to ensure that their gender nonconforming child is safe at school, for instance, or that their immunocompromised child is protected from Covid.” No, she goes on to argue in the piece, Moms for Liberty is keen on fighting back against critical race theory, “LGBTQ-friendly books,” along with making accommodations for transsexuals, and of course, mask mandates.

The left is still not over the mask thing. Despite the whole world virtually moving past the coronavirus pandemic and going back to normal, radicals in the Democratic Party are still worried about the loss of control they have over the culture at large due to people not living in constant fear and putting on useless masks. Unreal.

Here’s more from the report:

Although Butler is convinced that Moms for Liberty is fueled by an ancient “moral panic” and “hysteria,” keen also to arm school shooters, she does not discount the group’s power as a political phenomenon. In fact, she admits its efficacy in “their leveraging of local school boards to flex political power.”

Jeffrey Henig, a professor of political science and education at Columbia University’s Teachers College, told Butler: “A lot of people felt like local school politics were kind of backwaters, and the real action was in state capitals, and in Washington, D.C. … Folks on the right had a little bit of an awakening,” realizing that it’s a “three-dimensional game — it’s local, state, and national, and those aren’t separate games anymore. They’re interrelated.”

Moms for Liberty, though only created in 2021, now boasts over 100,000 members across over 195 chapters in 38 states. Butler suggested it would be “a mistake to underestimate their power or the possibility they could be a deciding factor in the midterm elections.” After all, so called “mama bears” played a role in helping Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin win in 2021 on a platform of parental rights.

Here’s the real motivation for this hit piece.

For decades now, progressives have worked hard at infiltrating the public school system, taking it over bit by bit and making it the realm of the government. This has enabled them to transform schools into institutions of learning designed to prepare kids for life as an adult and productive member of society, into indoctrination centers with the goal of dumbing kids down, perverting their sexuality, and creating them into loyal, big government goons.

Well, the jig is now up.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the right has opened their eyes and come to recognize the strategies being employed by progressives in the realm of education, and they are finally fighting back.

That’s what Moms for Liberty is doing. And it terrifies the left. If they lose the schools, whole future generations of voters will be able to think and engage issues for themselves, rather than be taught what to say, think, and do.

Earlier in the year at CPAC, Republican Florida Congressman Byron Donalds said, “The battle for our future, the battle for our country, the battle for our economy is in every public school, every private school, every charter school, and every homeschool across America.” 

Guess what also happened this week in Florida? Out of 30 candidates for the Republican Party running for positions on school boards, all of whom were endorsed by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, a total of 21 of them won their respective races.

Just ahead of the elections, DeSantis stated, “If I could have a conservative majority on every school board in the country, we would be in such good shape.”

“We neglected our duty to stay involved on what school districts are passing and doing,” Moms for Liberty co-founder Tina Descovich went on to say back in July. “And I think when parents are awake, they’ll never go back to sleep again.”

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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