LOL: Check Out Why Starbucks Doesn’t Want To Use Mail-In Voting For Union Elections

In a hilariously ironic twist, Starbucks, one of the absolute most liberal corporations on the planet, is now urging the National Labor Relations Board to stop using mail-in union elections at stores located in the United States after allegations have surfaced of improper coordination between board officials and the union.

According to the Daily Wire, the request was part of a letter that the company sent out to the NLRB on Monday. Given what many folks allege happened back during the 2020 election, this is seriously a gut buster. I laughed so hard reading this that everyone around me probably thought I’d pulled a Biden and lost my marbles.

“The purpose of this misconduct was to tip-the-scale in order to deliver the outcome sought by the Union,” Starbucks wrote in the letter. “The result of the misconduct was to ignore—and bypass—the actual sentiments that Starbucks partners may have expressed in properly conducted elections.”

Oh man, that’s rich.

Look, the real truth is, whether or not you are one of those folks who believe certain things transpired during the last presidential election, the bottom line is that mail-in voting does present a bit of a problem whenever it is being used. It is far more susceptible to instances of manipulation than casting a ballot in person.

Just a fact that folks need to swallow, as inconvenient as it is for left-wingers to do so, given their love of anti-Trump narratives.

The allegations in this particular Starbucks thing involve a vote at an Overland Park, Kansas store where the workers voted 6-1 in favor of becoming unionized. A total of seven extra ballots have been disputed, which could end up stopping things dead in their tracks.

Starbucks then made the claim that these same concerns have popped up in different store locations across the country.

“If the NLRB does not respond by investigating and remedying these types of actions, we do not see how the board can represent itself as a neutral agency,” the company wrote in the letter.

Here’s more from the DW report:

The allegations continue to increase in importance as more than 200 Starbucks locations have already unionized. A total of 314 U.S. locations have petitioned the NLRB for elections to unionize, according to the Washington Post.

NLRB Press Secretary Kayla Blado said in response to the Post report on Monday that the agency doesn’t comment on open cases.

“The agency has well-established processes to raise challenges regarding the handling of both election matters and unfair labor practice cases. Those challenges should be raised in filings specific to the particular matters in question,” Blado said.

Starbucks Workers United claims that Starbucks wants to draw attention away from its anti-union activity to stop union elections.

“Ultimately, this is Starbucks’ latest attempt to manipulate the legal process for their own means and prevent workers from exercising their fundamental right to organize,” the campaign went on to say as part of a statement to CNBC on Monday.

This just goes to show that the idea behind voting integrity is a solid one that, when it gets down to the nitty gritty, everyone actually does believe in.

That being said, Starbucks is a pretty awful company when it comes to its politics. The most recent egregious political activity they have been involved with is the providing of funds for women who need to cross state lines to get abortions after the fall of Roe v. Wade back in June of this year.


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