Ludicrous! Climate Studies Predict “Extreme Heat Belt” in U.S. by 2053; “Science” Now Seeing Future!

Predicting the future is no easy task. People, scientists, prognosticators and scammers have been trying to predict the future for years! Rarely works out, does it?

Predicting the furure when it comes to climate is a much harder task, despite all the gloom and doom predictions from the “climate scientists”. Of course, every time they are wrong, they simply reset the goal post, so big deal if they are wrong! It’s an “evolving science”. That’s code for they have no idea.

I remember being scared out of my husky Lee jeans as a kid (shut up, I was growing), when we learned in science class in the 1970’s that we were entering another ice age. Imagine that, the Earth cooling at such a rate despite all of humanities best effort to keep it warm. You know, coal burning plants, leaded gas, almost zero environmental concern.

Sure is a good thing that in the subsequent 30 or so years mankind has taken great pains to clean up the environment. Why, with all the regulations in place, the cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles, and a deeper realization that we have to offset our carbon emissions we certainly have saved the planet! Wait, what? We are screwed anyway? NO FAIR!

Yep, turns out that despite our best efforts, unless we go zero emissions and all start driving wind cars and holding our breath right now, we are going to be crispy critters in the near future. Well, some of us. Mostly just our kid’s problem.

Even if the weatherman can’t get the forecast right for two days from now, by golly SCIENCE can correctly predict we are going to fry in 2053! Let’s sweat out the details from our favorite lefty site, Axios:

A new study reveals the emergence of an “extreme heat belt” from Texas to Illinois, where the heat index could reach 125°F at least one day a year by 2053.

 In just 30 years, climate change will cause the Lower 48 states to be a far hotter and more precarious place to be during the summer.

The report, which is based on First Street’s peer reviewed heat model, shows that the number of Americans currently exposed to “extreme heat,” defined as having a maximum heat index of greater than 125°F, is just 8 million.

Well, that’s just great! I thought we were making progress. Where was AOC and her Green New Deal scam thirty years ago? I blame her.

Of course, if the left is able to abolish the use of fossil fuels and push green energy on the country, it won’t matter anyway, as million will have already starved to death or died from cold, which by the way kills scores more people worldwide then heat does. But what the heck, just throw on a sweater!

The U.S. is already seeing the clear fingerprints of human-caused global warming on extreme heat events. Last month, for example, the country’s nighttime lows were the warmest on record for any month.

The study also sheds light on cooling demand driven by the increasingly hot conditions, including cooling-driven increases in carbon emissions, which would aggravate warming further.

So, it’s going to get hotter, but you can’t cool your house…. because you will make the outside hotter? The logic is dizzying.

Folks, our hubris as a species will be our undoing. We are a people that little more than a hundred years ago “science” thought you could just drain the bad blood out of a person, and they would get better.

Science also thought if you were acting a little crazy, what the heck let’s just take part of your brain out! Presto!

My point is we went from not knowing what we don’t know to thinking we can control the weather in just over a couple of generations.  That’s some serious mad scientist stuff!

I’ve often told my kids my main goal in life is to keep living it, so I can point out how science and politicians are wrong about this stuff. I have a new goal; 2053. See you in the frying pan!

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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