Mitch McConnell Weighs In On Chances Of GOP Taking Senate In Midterms

Everybody’s favorite Republican Senate leader, Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell, has decided to weigh in on the chances the GOP has of retaking the Senate during the midterm elections in November, noting that the chamber will probably still remain deeply divided, regardless of who is in control.

He says the Republican Party has a 50-50 chance of taking back power in the Senate.

Thanks for the optimism, Mitch. Good to know we can always count on you to bring the sunshine and rainbows. Have you ever thought about being a motivational speaker, Mr. McConnell? You could make a real killing on that circuit.

So despite the horror show of the current Biden administration, which has led our nation down a path of ridiculously high inflation, massive spikes in gas and energy prices, and so many other disasters in the short span of a year and a half, there’s still a pretty big chance Democrats can keep power in the Senate? Really?

If that is true, people in this nation would still vote a vast majority of Democrats into positions of power, knowing full well we’re just going to get more of the same old garbage policies that will ultimately lead to the destruction of the United States, then I guess we get what we deserve.

Here’s to hoping Mitch doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about.

According to Newsmax, McConnell, who gave a talk at a business luncheon in Georgetown, Kentucky, went on to say that the U.S. Congress would try and find ways they could work with Democratic President Joe Biden if the GOP captures both chambers this fall.

“The remarks came a week after he suggested that Republicans could stand a better chance of gaining a majority in the House than in the Senate, citing candidate quality as a reason for tempered expectations,” the report said.

“Flipping the Senate, what are the chances? It’s a 50-50 proposition. We’ve got a 50-50 Senate right now. We’ve got a 50-50 nation. And I think the outcome is likely to be very, very close either way,” McConnell went on to tell folks that make up the Scott County Chamber of Commerce on Monday.

“If both the House and the Senate flip, I think the president will be a moderate. He won’t have any choice. And so, we’ll try to find ways to make some progress for the country during the last two years of his term … but not big dramatic change,” he continued.

During the chat he delivered Monday, McConnell urged those who attended the event to not be worried about election fraud gumming up the works this fall.

“Election fraud, there is some,” McConnell stated in an attempt to put their fears at ease. “It happens occasionally. But our democracy is solid. And of the things we need to worry about, I wouldn’t be worried about that one.”

It seems the vast majority of the positivity for the GOP this November resides in the House, as it’s largely believed the Republican Party will win control back of the chamber decisively. That optimism is not quite at the same level over in the Senate.

But hey, I’m a glass-half-full kind of fellow. I firmly believe that the American people have woken up thanks to the horrifying policies of the Biden administration and how it has destroyed so much of the prosperity they have worked hard for.

Let’s hope I’m right.


This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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