New Poll Reveals Whether Americans Feel Unity Is Possible Again

A brand new poll by Summit Ministries and McLaughlin & Associates has revealed that over a quarter of Americans have stated that they are far more politically active now than they were just two years ago, however, the majority say they are worried that the notion of our country coming together and being united is impossible.

Isn’t that tragic? Isn’t that just totally sad?

This is what the Democratic Party has been working so hard to do over the last several decades. Those who are desperate to transform our nation into a socialist nightmare totally unrecognizable to the vision the founders had for our country have sought to make us all hate each other, to forget the common ground we share, so they could make it easier to take this nation over and ruin it in the name of power, money, and control.

According to Just the News, 16 percent of the folks who responded to the survey stated they were “less involved” in civic engagement than they were two years ago, 27 percent stated that they are “more involved.”

The vast majority of voters, a total of 81 percent, went on to say they are involved in the civic realm of society because they feel it really does make a difference.

Here’s more from the Just the News report concerning the results:

As reported political involvement is increasing, most respondents (82%) said they are concerned that unity is impossible in the United States.

“This stunning data reveals that — while almost all Americans say that unity in our nation is beyond repair — there is still a huge surge in civic involvement despite that pessimism,” Dr. Jeff Myers, President of said in a press release. “People believe their involvement is making a real difference. Americans are still fighting for the country and hoping they can realize a better future.

“In the crosstabs, we find that conservatives are more civically active in voting, both in elections generally and in local issues such as school boards, while progressives are far ahead in actual activism. Progressives are more likely to attend rallies and events, get active in campaigns, and support organizations they believe in.”

The radical leftists in the upper echelon of the progressive movement are employing the age-old strategy of divide and conquer, knowing it’s the only way you could possibly carry out a fundamental transformation of America from a capitalist country into a socialist junk heap.

Just look at what happened to the South American countries that adopted socialism. Need I say more?

Once upon a time, Americans had a shared culture and system of values that we all held to, even if we believed differently on certain individual issues. We all prized freedom of speech and being able to govern ourselves without massive pressure and interference from the government.

But now, that’s not the case.

The far left started pushing a different set of values many years ago. Leftists took over the entertainment industry, step-by-step. At the same time, they started infecting public schools using a similar tactic. Colleges and universities were also being taken over until there isn’t a public university anywhere that isn’t tainted by this sick ideology.

Brainwashing students to become loyal to the government and to view it as their caregivers instead of parents, they then moved on to divide and conquer. Leaders are trying to foment as much discord as possible, hoping it will lead to some sort of revolution — ideologically or even physically — and great change will be ushered in, just like they always dreamed.

They are dividing us up into classes, as is the way of the Socialist. Let’s pray they do not succeed and that somehow, by the grace of God, we as a nation can finally heal.


This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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