NYC Mayor Adams More Worried About Cops Chatting Than Crime

I really hate being told how to do my job. One of my biggest pet peeves in every job I have had has been people that don’t know what my job is, or that do not directly supervise me telling me what to do.

Since I can be a little stubborn, generally I just nod politely and continue doing my own thing. Always seemed to work out, because most people in charge just want you and the world to know they are in charge.

So annoying.

Recently failed New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a potential 2024 Democrat nominee for president (because the Dems love nothing more than failing up), dropped an internal memo that had the boys in blue in the Big Apple seeing red.

Check this out from the Daily Wire:

New York City Mayor Eric Adams ordered NYPD officers not to “congregate” or engage in “unnecessary conversation” in public spaces, weeks after he scolded officers in public for doing so.

“Do not congregate, or engage in unnecessary conversation, with other members of the service while on post, absent police necessity,” the order instructs officers.

The memo gives similar instructions to police supervisors. “Ensure members of the service do not congregate, or engage in unnecessary conversation, with other members of the service while on post, absent police necessity,” it reads.

This pisses me off just reading it.

Eric Adams is a former cop; I wonder if he ever stopped on patrol and had a conversation with a friend?

My guess is yes, and now he is throwing his weight around trying to be the big boss man in a city where there are much bigger problems than two officers having a laugh on the street corner.

How about this Eric, maybe concern yourself with WHY officers are quitting in droves. Maybe worry more about the skyrocketing amount of gun violence in a city with some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

The rule changes are intended to “enhance officer safety, deployment strategies and optimize presence in the field.”

If Eric Adams were concerned with officer safety, deployment strategies and optimized presence, maybe the city would be doing more to retain officers rather than running them off?

Nah, Adams is all about flexing right now to prepare for a Presidential run!

Thankfully and hilariously police officials clapped back at big boss man Adams.

“The order is unnecessary,” NYPD Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch told the Post. “Pretty soon there won’t be enough cops left to congregate anywhere in the city, because these miserable working conditions and the low pay are forcing them to quit in droves.”

Oh, snap! That had to sting Adams and his cronies!

A veteran Manhattan police officer also blasted the memo for placing emphasis on the wrong priorities. “Worry about crime in the city and stop worrying about cops congregating,” the anonymous cop said. “Worry about your transit system and how it’s out of control. Worry about your shootings. Officers can’t even walk around their own neighborhood without getting their ass kicked.”

Sounds like the department has a morale problem, and it comes from the top down. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, the top can’t see far enough down to realize THEY are the problem.

New York City will continue its downward spiral until power hungry bureaucrats like Eric Adams realize THEY are the biggest part of the problem.

They treat the cops like a team of mules. You can only whip them so much before they lay down or quit.

Being a former officer, you would think Adams would remember what it’s like to be on the streets.

Apparently, he has forgotten, and New York City is suffering for it.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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