Poll: Liz Cheney Run as an Indi Would Propel Trump To Win

Liz Cheney is hilarious! In fact, I laugh every time I look at her or hear her speak.

Liz is a woman whose sole accomplishment is being born with the last name Cheney. Considering her daddy famously shot his hunting partner in the face, even the last name isn’t a good thing.

Liz Cheney has failed at pretty much every stop of her political career, culminating with the unfortunate error of attempting to besmirch President Trump during the sham January 6th made-for-tv hearings.

If you ever have insomnia, I highly recommend skipping the pharmaceuticals and just watching rebroadcasts of the hearings. You’ll sleep like a baby.

Speaking of babies, Liz Cheney lost in a landslide in her home state of Wyoming, and like a big old baby is now vowing to do “whatever it takes” to keep Trump out of office, including running for President herself. Sounds vaguely threatening to me, but what do I know?

I know she will lose, that’s what I know. While “failing up” is a real phenomenon, I don’t think Cheney could fail “up” enough to win the presidency. She probably couldn’t even win dog catcher at this point; she has so ruined her reputation with Jan 6.

A recent poll indicates exactly what might happen if Liz throws her trucker cap in as an independent. Let’s get the numbers from Breitbart:

A new poll shows that recently defeated Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) would only help former President Donald Trump defeat President Joe Biden in a theoretical three-way race.

The Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows that if Cheney was to run as an independent presidential candidate, she would only siphon away support from Biden.

The national poll shows Biden winning 42 percent support over Trump with 39 percent — leading Trump by three points if the presidential election was held today. Twenty percent said they were not sure.

But if Cheney ran as an independent candidate, Trump would lead easily lead Biden by eight points.

Honestly, I have to question any poll that is hinting that Biden would beat Trump if the election were held today, but for our purposes, we are going to run with it.

What this poll seems to indicate is, there are Democrats that simply do not want to vote for Trump but are so turned off by the failure currently occupying the White House, that they would vote a third party, even if it was a RINO like Cheney.

Seriously, I have said this before; if you vote on personality rather than policy, you don’t deserve to vote.

The poll shows Biden with only 29 percent support, while Donald Trump earns 37 percent support and Cheney earns 11 percent. Twenty-three percent in the poll said they were not sure.

Since Cheney lost in a landslide to her primary challenger in Wyoming, she has stoked speculation about possibly running for president in 2024.

Isn’t Liz running for president after being humiliated in Wyoming, the same as being turned down by the ugliest girl at the bar, then deciding to ask the dime at the end of the bar for her number? I mean, nice try, but come on! Know your limits!

In this case, Liz Cheney’s limits are pretty obvious. She is the little dog trying to take down the pit bull. Sadly, as loud as the little dog barks, the big dog can end her when he feels like it.

However, I don’t want to dissuade Liz from running, no I think it would be good for this endangered Democracy that they keep talking about.

Let her syphon votes from whoever the Dems prop up while Trump swoops victoriously back into the White House, presumably on the back of a Bald Eagle, and makes American great again, again.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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