Reporter Rips Veil Off Double Standard Biden Is Using To Legally Justify Student Loan Plan

It’s become clear to the vast majority of Americans that the Democratic Party, along with its figurehead, President Joe Biden, are practically peeing in their pants over the fact that their approval numbers are swimming in the sewer just months before the midterm elections.

That has been made evident by the series of actions that have been taken over the course of the last month. First, we had the raid on the Florida residence of former President Donald Trump, which was likely a political attack meant to try and paint Trump as a criminal not worth voting for or to find something they can try and pin on him to disqualify him from running in 2024 and turning voters against Republicans before November.

And then, this week, Biden released his plan for student loan debt forgiveness, which is something House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, along with former Trump administration Education Secretary Betsy DeVos both said he had no legal, constitutional right or ability to do.

So, if that’s true — and it is — how in the world does he suddenly have the power to cancel student loan debt?

Well, on Thursday, according to a report from TheBlaze, the White House was confronted on that very question, and the reporter who boldly stood up and went toe-to-toe with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on this subject successfully yanked the veil off the double standard being employed by the Biden administration to participate in this plan.

Here’s what the report said:

As part of President Joe Biden’s plan to unilaterally forgive student loan debt, the Biden administration disclosed what it believes is the legal authority to take such action.

That authority, according to a five-page legal memorandum from the Education Department, stems from a post-9/11 law known as the HEROES Act of 2003.

The memorandum claims the nearly two-decade-old law gives the Biden administration “broad authority to grant relief from student loan requirements during specific periods (a war, other military operation, or national emergency, such as the present COVID-19 pandemic) and for specific purposes (including to address the financial harms of such a war, other military operation, or emergency).”

Thus Biden is exploiting the supposed national emergency stemming from the pandemic as the legal justification for sweeping debt forgiveness.

Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich is the one who, during a press briefing at the White House, exposed the double standard being used by the president and his ilk, noting that officials have argued in court that the coronavirus pandemic is now over. if that is true, well, there’s no justification for the use of the HERO Act as a means of cancelling student loan debt.

“I want to ask about the legal basis for canceling student debt,” Heinrich said, starting off the exchange. “The HEROES Act hinges on student debt cancellation being tied to the pandemic and that being a national emergency. But the administration argued in court that the pandemic is over at the southern border to lift Title 42. It’s so over that the government is going to stop buying vaccines in the fall and shift to the private sector.

“So, how is this a national emergency? How is COVID a national emergency when it comes to student debt?” she went on to ask Jean-Pierre.

The press secretary then made the claim that the Biden administration is justified in by now arguing that the COVID pandemic is indeed still a national emergency due to the fact that when the moratorium on student loan payments comes to a close, which is months from now, people will “suffer.”

Man, the Biden administration is pulling on this thing so hard it looks like Stretch Armstrong.

“There’s gonna be some folks who are going to have a hard time,” Jean-Pierre responded.

“Because of the economy?” Heinrich shot back at the press secretary.

“Because they’re just in a different bracket. They’ve probably had a hard time before,” Jean-Piere responded.

“Heinrich then cornered Jean-Pierre over another narrative the Biden administration pushes, namely the economy is booming and in great shape because of Biden,” TheBlaze reported.

So, if the economy is doing so well right now, “Why are those appropriate conditions to forgive student debt?” Heinrich continued.

Jean-Pierre then squeaked out that it’s possible “both can be true. It’s not one or the other.”



This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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