Shocking New Document Reveals How Long Sacramento School District Has Pushed Radical Gender Theory On Students; Parents Should Be Furious

If you thought that schools teaching kids radical ideas about gender theory in classrooms is something that’s a recent development, you might be shocked to learn that’s not actually the case.

At least not in the Sacramento Unified School District, which according to new documents has been pushing this junk on students for at least a decade.

Folks, the order of the day when it comes to public education is indoctrination. Progressives who head up education at the local, state, and federal levels have devised programs that are designed to normalize radical ideas concerning gender and sexuality, actually encouraging students to participate in activities they clearly are not ready for.

These schools are, in fact, grooming future generations to accept the progressive ideology, which largely denies science, as normative.

According to a report from the Daily Wire,The documents, obtained by writer and activist Christopher Rufo, show that the Sacramento USD has been pushing teachers and school administrators to adopt the core tenets of radical gender theory since at least 2012. Training materials and presentations obtained by Rufo encourage LGBT teachers to openly express their sexuality, while pushing straight teachers to self-discriminate, hiding their sexuality in favor of being an ‘ally’ to LGBT teachers. The documents also encourage teachers to take similar steps to become allies of transgender students as well, Rufo reported.”

“Sacramento Unified has been working on this for a decade,” Rufo stated in a Twitter thread that went along with his report. “In 2012, the district invited academic queer theorist Elizabeth Meyer to conduct a leadership presentation on how to launder ‘queer pedagogy’ into the K-12 system and create ‘sexual diversity.’”

Here’s more from the Daily Wire report:

Rufo also included photos from the Sacramento USD’s official website, showing a presentation from Dr. Elizabeth J. Meyer, who at the time was a professor of Education at California Polytechnic State University, as the keynote address for their “No Time To Lose 2012 Conference.”

The presentation is included in the documents Rufo obtained. In the presentation, Meyer provides teachers with tools to inculcate schools with an LGBT-friendly environment. On an individual basis, Meyer instructs teachers to watch “educational” LGBT films and documentaries, or to “[a]ttend an event sponsored by a local GLBT advocacy organization”; and invite a colleague to view the film or attend the event with them.

At a classroom level, Meyer encourages teachers to “[c]hallenge your own assumptions” about LGBT students, to “use inclusive language” such as “parent or guardian” or “partner or spouse”; and “avoid gender-specific language and assumptions in class activities,” including asking girls to clean the classroom, or dividing students up by gender during classroom activities.

The presentation then goes on to tell heterosexual teachers that they are basically to discriminate against themselves. “If you are heterosexual, donʼt state it,” it goes on to say. “Allow yourself to be an ally while allowing others to be uncertain about your sexual orientation.” 

Of course, the insanity does not end there. The presentation also goes on to provide encouragement for LGBT teachers to be open in the expression of their sexuality. So if you’re straight, keep it to yourself. If you’re gay, flaunt it. Sounds like they want homosexuality to be the new normal.

“If you are GLBT, consider coming out to your employer, and if you get their support, your students/school,” the presentation states. Either way, it emboldens teachers to “[a]ctively include issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity in your classes,” and “[i]nvite GLBT speakers to address your class.”

At a school level, the presentation encourages teachers to confront name-calling, or “stop and educate” students in public areas, such as hallways, cafeterias, bathrooms, and locker rooms. It also directs teachers to help establish a “Gay-Straight Alliance” or other gender diversity group in their schools; starting a “safety and equity task force” at their schools; and pushing to “[r]evise and update school policies to address gendered harassment and cyber-bullying.”

The propaganda, oops, I mean the presentation then tells teachers to work with children and other teachers to help organize what they call a “Day of Silence” or a “No Name Calling Week.”

Because telling a bunch of kids not to call each other names for a week is going to solve the problem of human evil and wickedness that dwells in all of us.

Insert an eye roll here.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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