Stacey Abrams Says Being Pro-Choice Is Part Of Her Faith, What She Said Next Is Absolutely Absurd

Stacey Abrams, Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate came out and said something completely flabbergasting about being pro-choice, namely that it’s part of her faith. However, that’s not the most insane thing that came out of her mouth about this particular topic.

According to TheBlaze, there’s a video that Abrams shared last month where she stated that “the decision to be pro-choice is exactly part of my faith. I cannot strike down another person’s rights simply because I don’t agree.”

And, despite the fact that abortion is literally the vicious murder of a pre-born human being, Abrams then stated that, according to her faith and belief system, “you protect the vulnerable and you wrap them in love.”

Let that statement sink in a little bit. She says that her faith, which is supportive of murdering a child, is all about protecting the vulnerable and wrapping them in love.

Can she possibly be stupid enough not to see how this doesn’t make any sort of sense? What a sick, insane religious faith this woman holds to. This is contradictory. Anyone with a single brain cell can see that this is just plain absurd. It’s nuts.

“Abrams, who is facing off against incumbent Republican Gov. Brian Kemp during Georgia’s 2022 governor’s contest, previously lost the Peach State’s 2018 gubernatorial election to Kemp. Abrams has previously served in the Georgia House of Representatives,” the report said. “In a campaign ad posted in 2018, Abrams said that according to her reading of scripture, ‘Jesus Christ was a progressive.’”

Abrams also chatted about abortion and faith during an interview she did with Yahoo! News.

“It is a medical decision. And while your faith tradition may tell you that you personally do not want to make that choice, it is not my right as a Christian to impose that value system on someone else because the value that should overhang everything is the right to make our own decisions, the free will that the God I believe in gave us,” Abrams stated. “And my responsibility as a legislator is to make certain that we allow doctors and nurses and medical professionals to make medical decisions and that politicians stay out of it.”

When Abrams was asked about restrictions placed on the vile practice of abortion, she said that “arbitrary political parameters make no sense. But it should always be that abortion care is available until a fetus is viable unless that viability threatens” the life of the mother.

Law in the state of Georgia currently bans the murder of pre-born children after the heartbeat is detected, with few exceptions.

Abortion is not compatible with the Christian faith. Never have Christian believers ever supported the murder of children at any stage of their life and development. Back in ancient Roman times, people used to dump unwanted children and leave them to die. Christians would rescue them and adopt them, giving them loving homes.

Being pro-life has always been a Christian way of living. God does not support the murder of His image bearers. For Abrams to think otherwise is heresy of the highest order.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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