Ted Cruz Slams Boot On The Table While Questioning FBI Director; Here’s Why He Did It

Sen. Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican, took an opportunity while questioning FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday to put him in his place over referring to certain symbols as evidence of right-wing extremism, which is why he slammed his cowboy boot down on a table.

According to Newsmax, Wray appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee for a session that was specifically focused on FBI oversight.

Not long after Cruz’s allotted time started, he cited a leaked FBI document concerning domestic terrorist symbols that are indicative of “militia violent extremism.”

“Included in the document was the Gonzales Battle Flag, from one of the first battles of the Texas Revolution in 1835 between Texas and Mexico. Also known as the ‘Come and Take It’ flag, the Gonzales flag features a cannon with a star above and the aforementioned wording,” the report went on to say.

“I was particularly struck is the Gonzales Battle Flag — Come and take it — as indicative of being a violent extremist militia,” Cruz stated during his questioning of the FBI director.

“Well, I will self report right now [slams boot] that every day in the Senate, I wear my boots that have the Gonzales battle flag on the back of them,” the Senator stated.

“Director Wray, what are y’all doing? This makes no sense. Do you agree with this FBI guidance? That the Betsy Ross flag, and the Gadsden flag [from the American Revolution] and the Gonzales Battle Flag are signs of militia violent extremism?”  he continued.

That is just plain freaking epic, don’t you think? Cruz is standing up for each and every American citizen who passionately believes in the Second Amendment right to bear arms, giving us a voice against the bullies in the government on the radical left.

Wray then responded to Cruz by stating he was “not familiar” with the oversized copy of the leaked document that was put behind Sen. Cruz, going on to say that he was “not in the practice of trying to comment on documents that I haven’t recognized.”

“But I will tell you that when we put out intelligence products, including ones that reference symbols, which we do across a wide variety of contexts, we usually make great pains … take great pains to put caveats and warnings in the document that make clear that a symbol alone is not considered evidence of violent extremism,” Wray stated.

Cruz then informed Wray that many groups, like antifa and Black Lives Matter, were, strangely, not put on the list, noting that there is a “pattern of this.”

The senator went on to tell Wray during his questioning that he was “deeply concerned that the FBI and the Department of Justice have become thoroughly politicized.”

“I think this is a problem that began during the Obama administration,” the Texas Republican remarked, “I think it metastasized with career officials during the Trump administration, and I think it continues and is even worse today under the Biden administration.”

He then added, “I don’t believe you, personally, reflect that politicization but I think you’ve been unwilling to root it out.”

The bottom line is there is a definite double standard within the FBI and other agencies that have been infiltrated by progressives, where conservative groups have been targeted as extremists while liberal groups seem to get a free pass, despite the fact that for almost an entire year those same groups (antifa, BLM) completely annihilated whole sections of cities.

Time to end the liberal hypocrisy in the FBI.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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