Terminal List Creator Fires Back Over “Right Wing” Accusations

The Chris Pratt military action series “Terminal List” is the second biggest thing on television these days, besides “Stranger Things”. Personally, I gave up on ST after the first season. Season two seemed to drag and I lost interest.

Never wanting to be behind the times too much, I started the Terminal List recently and can say I am surprisingly pleased so far. Besides the always excellent Chris Pratt, the show has delivered most of what I look for in television. And a surprisingly small amount of what I hate in television.

Regular network tv is ruined. The woke left, and the networks desperate for approval from the left have turned television into nothing more than a leftist indoctrination space.

If one were not familiar with American culture and were just plunked down in front of a television tuned to any of the major networks, one could only come to the conclusion that most Americans were trans, gay, queer, non-binary, some shade of brown, and markedly effeminate. Cool, right?

Perhaps this decay in network entertainment explains the success of shows like Terminal List, and movies like Top Gun: Maverick. People are sick of the rampant virtue signaling.

Terminal List creator Jack Carr had a few shots across the bow for critics of his show recently. Let’s check the New York Post for details:

“The Terminal List” author and executive producer of the Chris Pratt drama series, Jack Carr, is setting the record straight about claims it is a “right-wing” fever dream.

Carr addressed critics who believe that the Amazon Prime series has a more right-leaning plot line and is politically charged.

The author, who is a former Navy SEAL, was particularly miffed over a review penned by the Daily Beast, which said that the show is an “unhinged right-wing revenge fantasy.”

“We don’t mention right, left, conservative, liberal; none of those things are even mentioned,” Carr told Fox & Friends.

Maybe the lack of any political bent is the reason for much of the success, aside from the fact that everyone likes to see bad guys get their comeuppance. Everyone except the left it seems.

No, rather than see a strong man avenge wrongs perpetrated on him and his family, the left would prefer a bunch of twenty-somethings pontificating on how hard life is in the face of the male patriarchy, or some nonsense along those lines. You get what I mean! Bad TV!

“The ‘Daily Beast,’ in particular, their review was quite mean. But they see an American flag and they get upset. Or they see someone who is competent with weapons and has a certain mindset and holds those in power accountable for their actions and they just kind of lose it a little bit,” Carr said.

“The critics are not big fans of this, but the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is 94-95%, and it’s the number two streaming show across all of television right now,” Carr continued.

Folks, here is a good litmus test for whether a movie or show is worth watching. If Rotten Tomatoes critics hate something, WATCH IT!

It’s sad what Rotten Tomatoes has become. It was a website launched with the intent of allowing the actual audience a say in regard to how good a show is. You know, people that pay to see something, like us. Not people who are paid for their opinions; often paid by media outlets that hate us and all our values.

The novelist went on to point out how “there’s no ‘woke’ or ‘anti-woke,’ but just because there’s not this ‘woke’ stuff that’s shoved into it, then it’s perceived — by critics, at least — as not promoting their agenda, so they’re going to hate it.”

“We didn’t make it for critics,” he said. “What’s important to me and to Chris Pratt was that we made something that would speak to those members of the military who went down range over the last 20 years so they could sit down and say, ‘These guys put in the work and made a show that speaks to me.’”

Folks, this is WHY we watch television. Not to be indoctrinated, not to be brainwashed by a far-left agenda. Network television is dying because of this, and some streaming services are bleeding subscribers because of this.

Thankfully Chris Pratt and Jack Carr realize, go woke, go broke, and we have the Terminal List as a result.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

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