(VIDEO) Lia Thomas’ Rival Riley Gaines Blasts Media for ‘Propaganda’ that She Avoided Trump’s Kiss

Former Upenn swimmer, Riley Gaines who hit the headlines for criticizing the allowance of trans-athlete, Lia Thomas to compete on the women’s team has blasted the media for pushing “propaganda” about her botched kiss on stage with Trump at CPAC.

The swimmer was welcomed onto the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Texas last week by former president, Donald Trump.

Trump was critical of male-born trans athletes being allowed to compete against biological women in sports during his speech, insisting he wanted to “keep men out of women’s sports”.

His comments enraged the left of social media who accused him of attacking the LGBTQ+ (whatever that is) community.

“Where’s our beautiful, great swimmer, Gaines!?” said Trump as he welcomed her to the stage.

“She’s a great champion. She was beating everybody and then one day she looked over and said ‘that’s the largest human being I’ve ever seen!’”joked Trump.

Gaines was hailed as a brave young woman by many conservatives when she opened up about her dismay at being forced to compete against trans athlete, Lia Thomas.

Upenn swimmer Thomas, who was born male and went through male puberty, tied with Gaines for fifth place at the UCAA Swimming and Diving Championship. Disgustingly, the University of Kentucky swimmer was told that her trophy would be mailed to her at a later date, while the one trophy available on the day would be awarded to Thomas.

Gaines’ side-eyed glare at Thomas, whose 6ft figure towered over her on the podium became a social media hot topic.

She’s been so brave,” continued Trump, “because a lot of people say you can’t talk about it. They told me ‘please don’t mention that, sir, it’s not politically correct’, and I did about three weeks ago and the place went crazy.” 

Gaines looked extremely nervous as she stepped across the stage in a pair of white high heels and a black cocktail dress.

“Look at this!” exclaimed Trump in an encouraging welcome to rapturous applause from the Texas crowd as Gaines joined him at the podium.

He then seemed to attempt to kiss her cheek in welcome, but Gaines awkwardly went in for a half-hug-handshake, prompting left-wing hacks to suggest she had snubbed him:

“I think these recent headlines show, you know, how the media is pushing propaganda to fit their narrative,” Gaines told Fox.

“By no means, not even for a second on that stage was I uncomfortable sharing that space with Trump,” she added.

Female skateboarding star, Taylor Silverman was also there to discuss the very poignant issue of trans athletes competing against women, but Gaines said she wasn’t aware that Trump was going to invite her onto the stage:

“I met with Trump before the speech, and we took a photo, and we chatted for a while, and he told me, ‘You know, I have you a front row seat. I might mention your name. You can just stand up. It’ll be cool,’” she explained.

“I was nervous about being in front of that many people, but I never thought Trump was, you know, making me uncomfortable. I was never repulsed by him. And so, you know, you have these headlines that say ‘swimmer awkwardly refused Trump’s kiss,” she continued.

“I slightly turned my head to hear what he was saying to me, and so people took that and completely ran with it.”

Who knows, the brave young conservative could even have a future in politics…

“I would have loved to see myself at CPAC, but I thought it would totally be on the other side. You know, I would be in the audience watching, definitely never thought I would be on that stage speaking.”

This story syndicated with permission from Jo Marney, Author at Trending Politics

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