(VIDEO) Taliban Celebrates Outside Abandoned US Embassy and Declare National Holiday as they Tear Up Human Rights in Afghanistan

Taliban fighters are celebrating one year of power in Afghanistan after Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from the unstable nation by firing their guns in the air outside the abandoned US Embassy building in Kabul as they continue to remove women’s rights.

The terror group was able to overthrow the Afghani government and take control of the country after the Biden administration removed US troops, ending two decades of intervention.

Thousands of civilians lost their lives and hordes scrambled to escape Afghanistan a year ago as it became clear the country would fall into the hands of the extreme, Islamic militant group who have since imposed radical and oppressive laws.

Desperate people clung to US cargo planes as they left the country on direct orders from the Biden administration. Some even fell hundreds of feet to their deaths as they lost their grip on the aircraft.

“We fulfilled the obligation of jihad and liberated our country,” said Taliban fighter Niamatullah Hekmat who stormed Kabul after then-president Ashraf Ghani was forced to flee the country.

“It’s the day of victory and happiness for the Afghan Muslims and people. It is the day of conquest and victory of the white flag”, Taliban leader, Bilal Karimi wrote on Twitter.

On Monday, Taliban fighters paraded past the abandoned US Embassy building in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul carrying American-made weapons and flying the group’s flags.

They smiled and fired their guns in triumph while some waved banners displaying photographs of Jalaluddin Haqqani, the founding member of the terror cell Haqqani Network who were the forerunners of Al Qaeda.

One man was photographed carrying an RPG launcher over his shoulder as the men celebrated their “victory day”.

The Taliban has announced that Victory Day will be a national holiday for the country’s citizens who are now, thanks to Biden, forced to live under the group’s oppressive regime.

While they initially vowed to enforce a watered-down version of Sharia law – a system based on radical Islamic views, the group has since imposed strict restrictions and has peeled back many basic rights, especially for women.

Thousands of girls have been forced to leave school by the group, as many Islamic leaders are against women being educated. Many women have also been removed from government jobs.

This May, the Taliban demanded that Afghani women cover their faces and bodies with burqas.

Female Kabul resident, Ogai Amail said that life under the Taliban has become more and more restrictive for women:

“From the day they have come, life has lost its meaning,” she said.

“Everything has been snatched from us, they have even entered our personal space.”

The country is now facing an economic crisis as other nations sever ties with the Taliban. One store owner said that prices are so high, that many are complaining they cannot afford their groceries:

People coming to our shops are complaining so much of high prices that we shopkeepers have started hating ourselves,” said Noor Mohammad.

But for the Taliban, the plight of Afghani citizens is not half as important as their successful takeover of the country – and all thanks to Biden:

“We might be poor, we might be facing hardships, but the white flag of Islam will now fly high forever in Afghanistan,” said a Taliban member celebrating outside the US Embassy, clutching his American-made rifle.

This story syndicated with permission from Jo Marney, Author at Trending Politics

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