What This Woman Did To Young Pro-Life Volunteer Promoting Anti-Abortion Vote Is Absolutely Deplorable

An 18-year-old pro-life volunteer says she was punched, shoved, and cussed out by a woman after she knocked on the door of a local home in order to promote a high-profile anti-abortion vote in the state of Kansas, according to Students for Life Action.

This is the kind of garbage we’re up against now. Radical leftists and folks who are actually in support of killing children in the womb are losing their minds and opting to use physical violence against the people who are daring to stand up for the rights of those being murdered by their own mothers.

We are twisted up into a culture that seemingly loves and worships death. Hearing tales of violence like this against pro-life individuals has now become par for the course. That does not mean we should take it, of course. We should report it whenever possible and hold people accountable to the law for their actions.

According to TheBlaze, the Students for Life Action stated that the volunteer, Grace Hartsock, was out going door-to-door Sunday in the Overland Park area to inform residents who live in that area about the ballot measure up for vote on Tuesday that would amend the state’s constitution and declare that there is no right to abortion in the state of Kansas.

At one of the homes Grace approached, a woman at the door said to Hartsock, “No, I’m sorry; I don’t think you want to talk to us,” Students for Life reported.

“Hartsock noted to the organization that she politely thanked the woman for her time and began to leave the property when another female began yelling and cursing from inside the home, the outlet said,” TheBlaze reported.

“Don’t apologize to her, Mom,” the other female screamed, according to the recounting by Students for Life.

That’s when the woman doing all of the yelling came blasting out of the house and started chasing Hartsock, screaming at her. She then shoved Hartsock in the chest with both hands and started to punch her in the head.

Hartsock attempted to protect herself and flee the scene. The attacker’s mother told her to stop what she was doing, but obviously, the woman did not listen.

“Hartsock noted in a police report that the woman also threw a piece of food at her, hitting her in the face, and followed her down the street while screaming curses and statements such as, ‘I hope you get raped” and “I hope you get run over by a car,’” TheBlaze said.

Here’s the video of the incident. Be warned, there is some foul language and gestures used during the incident.

“Since she was struck, the student is experiencing headaches and body soreness, and Students for Life Action has connected her with an attorney,” SFL spokeswoman Kristi Hamrick stated during an interview with Fox News. “She and Students for Life Action are considering a legal response.”

Hartsock pointed out to the organization that “it’s unfathomable that the pro-choice movement claims to be ‘pro-woman’ and yet attacks women who don’t agree with their narrative. It’s not surprising to me that a person who advocates for violence in the womb wouldn’t hesitate to attack a pro-life woman like myself.”

This is definitely not okay. The woman who committed this act of violence should be thrown in jail for the assault. We should not tolerate this kind of hate and behavior. Look how belligerent pro-abortion supporters get at the idea of not being allowed to murder unborn children?

I think a lot of the anger comes from the fact they are constantly told in the media that they are being stripped of a right. They are constantly exposed to messages designed to make them angry and hateful, to view those who see things differently as their enemies. Once you are told something enough times, you start to believe it, especially when you already have a desire to do so.

The violence must be stopped, however, and if that means making an example out of this wrathful young woman, so be it.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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