As Biden Closes In On 100 Executive Orders, The Amount They’ve Cost Taxpayers Is Mind-Blowing

If there’s one thing we know about Democratic Party presidents, it’s that they loathe the actual system of government we have in this country and will pretty much do anything they can to avoid taking pieces of the agenda they want to make law through Congress and just shove it down our throats via executive order. This was true with former President Barack Obama and it is true now with President Joe Biden. But the one thing people don’t really ever seem to discuss is how much these orders cost American taxpayers.

Well, that’s what we’re talking about here, and I have to warn you. This number is so astronomically large you might…well…how about you just take a seat before you read any further. Though I have to say, if you’re standing up or walking around reading, that’s probably not a great idea safety-wise. Just a free tip.

So a report from Fox News has revealed that Biden, in only a year and a half in office, has pushed out almost 100 executive orders. Those orders are costing taxpayers a whopping $1.5 trillion, as the country’s debt climbs to almost $31 trillion.

Biden is comfortably sitting at around 99 executive orders since he took control of the Oval Office in January 2021. This fast pace came mostly from his first year as the president when he actually signed more of these orders than any active president since the 1970s. And listen, folks. I know Trump signed a lot of executive orders, but the bottom line is, that almost all of his orders were designed to make our nation safer, more prosperous, and freer than we were before. The opposite is happening with Biden.

Even more alarmingly, there’s at least one radical left-wing group — guess who they are financially backed by? — that is receiving funding from leftist billionaire George Soros, that is currently influencing some of the orders that the president is putting out.

“A budgetary impact analysis, meanwhile, accompanies each order but does not include actual monetary costs. Instead, they contain vague language such as whether an order will have no impact, increase or decrease federal costs,” Fox News reported.

“This makes it difficult to pinpoint the actual price tag of Biden’s actions. However, a federal budget expert told Fox News Digital that they estimate the costs to be north of $1 trillion,” the report continued.

“President Biden’s executive actions have cost taxpayers more than $1 trillion so far,” the Heritage Foundation’s Matthew Dickerson went on to say during an interview with Fox News Digital. “That’s taking into account the recent student loan executive action, which could cost up to $1 trillion.”

“But earlier this year, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office produced an analysis showing that less than ten of Biden’s earlier executive actions cost taxpayers already more than $500 billion,” Dickerson added.

“So it could be up to $1.5 trillion in cost to taxpayers just on executive actions, not legislation going through Congress and being signed into law and being debated,” Dickerson said. “It’s just pure executive actions taken by Biden costing taxpayers up to $1.5 trillion.”

A lot of the cost that is being racked up by executive orders is coming from the president’s student loan forgiveness plan. Back in August, Biden announced that he is going to forgive $10,000 in student loan debt for all borrowers who make less than $125,000 a year, while those who received Pell Grants will be given $20,000 in government handouts if their income falls beneath $125,000 a year.

Fox News then said, “The student loan handout was initially estimated to cost taxpayers upwards of $500 billion, but a recent Penn Wharton Budget Model analysis shows it could reach upwards of $1 trillion.”

Dickerson then added during the interview that the executive orders from Biden could also have a negative impact on inflation. “It would be significant because all of this new spending that the executive branch is doing, that Biden is doing by fiat,” he remarked.

“That means more money getting pumped out into the economy that’s being financed by the Federal Reserve, which means the printing presses are on, which means that it adds to the inflationary pressures,” Dickerson commented. “The executive actions that Biden is doing are incredibly harmful for inflation because they are specifically aimed at reducing the supply of labor and goods and services.” 

The biggest chunk of Biden’s executive orders were carried out during his first year in office. He issued a stunning 77 orders during his first twelve months in the White House, which is more than any other commander-in-chief since President Gerald Ford during the 1970s, the American Action Forum stated in a study.

“The study said Biden’s executive orders and regulations had totaled more than $200 billion as of January 21 this year, far outpacing President Trump and Obama’s first year in office,” Fox News reported.

“With more than $201 billion in costs, the Biden era to-date far outpaces its predecessors, with more than three times the costs of Obama’s first year and nearly 40 times those of Trump’s,” AAF said in a study that was released in January. “The Biden total, however, only overtook Obama’s due to a massive Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission rule to put it over the edge in the final month.”

Trump signed a total of 220 executive orders over the course of his four years in office, while Obama signed a total of 276 during his eight years as president.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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