Biden Slammed for Making These Hypocritical Comments About Trump

In his first television interview in over 200 days, Biden made some typically hypocritical and outlandish remarks, including personally attacking Donald Trump after complaining that politics had become too much about “personal attacks”.

The president gave an interview with 60 Minutes on Sunday, the first TV interview in almost two-thirds of a year. He used the opportunity to continue his attacks on Trump and made more throw-away comments about the extremely unpredictable situation between China and Taiwan.

The White House was (yet again) forced to scramble to take back the president’s words.

Asked if the US would intervene if China did ever invade Taiwan, Biden replied:

“Yes, if in fact there was an unprecedented attack.”

Host, Scott Pelley then got Biden to double down on his vow:

“So unlike Ukraine, to be clear, sir, U.S. Forces, U.S. men and women would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion?” probed Pelley.

“Yes,” Biden confirmed.

Later, White House officials clarified that the US policy on China/Taiwan had “not changed” as Beijing sent a stark warning to the US on Monday, claiming that the president had sent a “seriously erroneous signal to Taiwanese separatist independence forces.” 

Biden seemed to completely contradict himself as he complained that politics had become “all personal attacks”:

“It’s not about, “I disagree with you on the subject matter.’

“And secondly, I think that it’s- I think it’s fair to say that we’ve not had a president like the last president, who has made all of it so personal.”

His comments come just two weeks after the president’s creepy speech in Pennsylvania in which he accused Trump of encouraging “extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic” and using violence as an “acceptable political tool in this country”.

Bumbling, sleepy Joe contradicted himself again as he went on to tell Pelley that the Covid pandemic is “over”, yet under his own rules, the military and hospital staff still have to abide by vaccine mandates:

“But the pandemic is over. If you notice, no one’s wearing masks. Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. And so I think it’s changing,” said Biden.

In New York last week, 850 teachers lost their jobs for refusing to be vaccinated against Covid. Biden can’t have it all ways!

Just to put the cherry on the cake, Biden down-played the record-high inflation levels. When probed by Pelley, the president remarked:

“Well, first of all, let’s put this in perspective. Inflation rate month to month was just- just an inch, hardly at all,” which is true of the slight decrease from 8.5 percent in July to 8.2 percent in August, but that does not mitigate the fact that the overall levels are still at record high.

“It’s the highest inflation rate, Mr. President, in 40 years,” Pelley pointed out.

“I got that. But guess what, we are in a position where, for the last several months, it hasn’t spiked. It has just barely- it’s been basically even,” excused Biden.

He finished the interview by insisting that, despite his forgetfulness, inability to string sentences together or walk up a flight of stairs without flailing around like a fish out of water, his health is fine and he is mentally focused:

“Oh focused. Ha ha ha I’d say it’s, it is I haven’t … here, look. I have trouble even mentioning, even saying to myself, in my head, the number of years. I no more think of myself being old as I am than fly.”

Biden would not confirm whether or not he intends to run again in 2024, but considering the disastrous job he’s done so far, it will probably be a blessing for the GOP if he does.

This story syndicated with permission from Jo Marney, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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