“Big Brother” YouTube Pulls Trump Interview, Decides What You Get To See

Are we done with YouTube yet? How long, as allegedly free people are we going to let a social media giant like YouTube dictate what we see, think, and hear? That’s not free speech, nor is it American. YouTube has been complicit in the censorship of free speech since before President Trump, but since Biden took office, they appear to be in cahoots and the result is blatant censorship of conservative opinion under the vague guise of “misinformation”, while liberals are allowed to rant unchecked. YouTube even went as far as to remove a Trump interview from back in the summer with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, because “disinformation”.

YouTube removed an interview of former President Donald Trump appearing on “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” from July 29. The video service says the interview violated its “misinformation” policy.

During the interview, Trump warned that the “country’s going to hell.” He also discussed the Russia hoax, mail-in voting, China, Joe Biden’s presidency, and disinformation.

Apparently if you are of a particular political persuasion, you can’t have a dialogue about certain topics. What’s puzzling is why YouTube waited so long to take it down? What has changed? Is it because we are nearing the mid-term elections, and YouTube wants to control the narrative to keep leftists in power? Suspicious timing to say the least.

Its anonymous decision-makers didn’t give voters and viewers the opportunity to agree or even disagree with Trump. Rather, the service pulled the video to silence a former political leader.

Tech companies continue to police content as if they haven’t failed in this area before. But they have. And they are still failing.

YouTube just now changed its policy to allow users to state that masks did not prevent COVID-19 in the manner our “experts” promoted. For two years, YouTube censored users for accurately citing data that proved masking did not stop the spread in schools or office spaces. YouTube censored not misinformation but the truth.

So since the start of Covid, people have argued, correctly I might add, that cloth masks do nothing to stop the spread. YouTube and other social media giants silenced and de-platformed many accounts under the reasoning of spreading misinformation, but now YouTube has flipped its policy, allowing users to correctly claim masks don’t work, yet most of the accounts de-platformed have yet to be reinstated. Why? Why would YouTube be afraid to allow certain voices to be heard again? Perhaps because these people are damaging to the Biden administration, and YouTube wants to keep their preferred party in charge because it serves their best interest. Outkick founder and Trump interviewer Clay Travis summed it up perfectly:

“Voters should be able to see everything that any political figure says in public in order to judge for themselves whether they want to support or not support that person. That’s democracy itself. YouTube should be ashamed for censoring interviews with any political figure,” 

Travis is spot on. The left wants to constantly talk about our democracy being in danger, when in reality Democrats and corporate censors like YouTube are the present, and real threat to democracy. The solution is abandoning YouTube until they see the light, if ever. Alternatives like Rumble, while they don’t have the content, certainly don’t censor. It might hurt for a while, but we need to divorce ourselves from YouTube until they stop the “Big Brother” nonsense.

This story syndicated with permission from robm, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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