Billionaire Makes Promise To Build Massive Army To Defend Taiwan; Check Out How Many Soldiers He Plans To Raise Up

For quite some time now, China has been making some rather aggressive comments and taking some very threatening actions concerning the island of Taiwan, stating that they will eventually bring it back under their control. As you can imagine, the folks who live in Taiwan don’t want that to happen, as they crave independence and democracy. Unfortunately, they don’t really have a sizable military force to help them fend off an invasion from China.

According to a report from the Daily Wire, this is a problem that a Taiwanese microchip billionaire wants to remedy. He is promising to raise up a 3.3 million-man army to help fend off the commies from China from an invasion that could come at any moment.

Robert Tsao, founder of United Microelectronics, said he’ll spend his own fortune to recruit and train “civilian warriors” and sharpshooters to protect the island nation from an increasingly belligerent China. The 75-year-old magnate made the announcement Thursday while wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet,” the report said.

“If we can successfully resist China’s ambitions, we not only will be able to safeguard our homeland but make a big contribution to the world situation and the development of civilization,” he went on to say.

Tsao, not to be confused with the general who cooked up some amazing chicken — relax, it’s just a joke — previously showed his support for unifying both Taiwan and China, a position that put him at odds with the government of Taiwan concerning an investigation into his company. However, he spoke with Radio Free Asia, stating that he has since changed his position. What caused him to change his mind? The brutal crackdown on pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong by Beijing. He then said he fully plans to “die in Taiwan and stand with its people.”

“Given the Chinese Communist party’s record of atrocities against its own people and its brutal domination of those like the Uyghurs who are not even Chinese, the CCP’s threats have only ignited among the Taiwanese people a bitter hatred against this threatening enemy, and a shared determination to resist,” he remarked.

The Daily Wired reported that “Tsao will work with the Kuma Academy, which trains Taiwanese civilians in guerrilla warfare. With funding from Tsao, the academy intends to train millions of freedom fighters over the next three years.”

“This goal is ambitious and the challenge is daunting, but Taiwan has no time to hesitate,” the academy went on to comment in a statement.

The tension between China and Taiwan has hit an all-time high after the visit to the island by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. China, who was none too happy about Pelosi’s visit, threatened to shoot her plane down, which would have been an act of war and likely would have been the event that started World War III. Thankfully, that did not happen.

However, China still responded by taking aggressive, threatening action against Taiwan. The communist nation performed live-fire military exercises around the island, which included missile tests. Just last week, Taiwan took out a Chinese drone that had flown over one of its military facilities.

The U.S. has reached a deal to sell $1.1 billion in weapons and defense equipment to Taiwan, which includes an advanced radar system to help track any incoming strikes, including anti-ship and anti-air missiles.

Taiwan has every right to fight for its freedom. And should it succeed in repelling the Chinese when they do decide to invade, they will have won it fair and square. It will mean so much more to the people of that country to have come about liberty that way. It is absolutely something worth dying for.

At that point, it would be time for other countries around the world to consider who they want to be allied with and find a way to balance the relationship between would then be two separate countries. That would not be easy, but it’s possible. Miracles happen every day.


This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

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