Black Man Calls Into C-SPAN And Delivers Perfect Explanation For Why Dems Can’t Be Trusted To End Violent Crime

When it comes to the issue of soaring crime rates, do you think the Democrats or the Republicans should be trusted to handle the problem? Well, given the fact that liberals were just a few years ago calling for police departments all over the country to be defunded, which has led to all sorts of problems — like less police patrols and massive spikes in violence — I would say Democrats are probably not the right folks for the job. And there are a lot of Americans who agree.

Like a black man who recently called into C-Span to answer that very question, who should be trusted to help on the issue of crime and law and order, Democrats or Republicans? The caller stated that he lived in a Democrat run city and made it rather clear Democrats can’t be trusted to provide any kind of real solution to the problem.

Especially, in my opinion, since their policies created the problem in the first place.

According to TheBlaze, “Last month, during an open forum on the ‘Washington Journal,’ a black man who lived New York for decades called into the show to tell ‘the truth’ about Democrat-run cities.’”

“I believe the Republicans are better. Why? As a New Yorker that lived in New York from Mayor Koch through Mayor Bloomberg, Democrats and particularly these days, in all honesty as a black man telling the truth, Democratic mayors that is black, whether they male or female; Democratic police commissioners that’s black, male or female… Democratic cities, they’re run into the ground,” the caller went on to say.

The caller then said that leftist leaders are “soft on crime” because they don’t “put the hammer down.”

“As opposed to the Republicans, who of course are hard on crime, and they are way more supportive of the police,” the caller explained. This is coming from someone in the trenches, folks. It’s not just a well-to-do person who is disconnected from the problem. They are suffering due to the failure of the Democratic Party to enforce a solid plan to help aid police in taking down criminals and to deter future acts.

“In my opinion, nationally, city by city, crime-wise, you might want Republicans as your mayors, as your police commissioners whether they’re white or black, whether they [are] male or female because they’re more inclined to take crime more seriously and be more inclined to protect and support the victims of crime,” he then said.

Earlier in the program, another caller, this time from New York, went on to say that the GOP definitely has the “moral high ground” when it comes to handling violent crime.

“In this particular case, the Republican Party has the moral high ground. I say that because recently, you watched, in my opinion, Democratic support for the burning and looting of our cities— calling them ‘peaceful protests,’ destroying monuments and everything,” that caller shared.

That’s because rather than treating all police as bad guys who are vile racists, Republicans understand the importance of law and order, thus provide as much support as they can for officers serving their communities. Republicans also believe in strict punishments for those who commit crimes, which serves as a good deterrent to others who might be considering doing something illegal. That’s the sort of thing it takes to help knock crime down a peg or two.

This story syndicated with permission from michael, Author at Trending Politics

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.

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